How Two Stray Dogs Changed a Man’s Life

Stray Dogs

Gonzalo Sazo is a man who has struggled with depression his entire life. He has his ups and his downs, and he never knows when his mood will change and his health diminish. Several years ago, he found an injured go in Chile and decided to keep her. He found that the dog had a badly injured tail, and he could not just leave her like that. He took her to the vet, found out someone had tried to cut her tail off and failed, and he paid for her treatment and took her home. This dog’s name is now Valentina, and she is one of Sazo’s best friends.

It wasn’t long after that when Sazo noticed another dog walking along the streets of Chile. This dog was in obvious pain, dragging his body behind him with what appeared to be no mobility in his back legs or body. Again, he made the decision to take the dog to the vet so that he could help it, and it was discovered that the go suffered a terrible injury to his spine that left him paralyzed. When the vet recommended putting the dog to sleep, Sazo refused and took him home. His name is Dingo.

Sazo built this dog a little mobility tool that allows him to move around all on his own, and now he is free. But Sazo wasn’t free. He realized that while he had saved these dog’s lives, they had saved his, too. He realized that life is just too short for him to go about his business not doing what he wants to do, so he built a compartment on his bike and he now rides is bike all over the place, traveling, seeing the world and doing odd jobs here and there to cover expenses for himself and his two canine companions.

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