Unidentified Wisconsin Woman Walks her Poodle while Dressed as Abominable Snowman


Apparently an unidentified woman from Wisconsin is dressing as the abominable snowman to walk her dog.  And to no one’s surprise, people are both puzzled but at the same time absolutely loving it.

As of right now she only introduces herself as Bumble, the abominable snow monster of the North from the classic claymation movie, “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer.”   She told FOX 11 she’s visiting from Misfit Island to “bring joy, happiness” to the people of Allouez, Wisconsin.

Bumble, who wants her identity kept secret, and Blizzard – who is actually a champion show dog known as Andy – are getting a lot of attention as they bound down the street. They plan to continue their walks through the holidays, and maybe longer, and although she doesn’t have much to say, she’s reminding people to, “Love all, care about all, beyond holidays,” FOX 11 reports.

Hey, as long as holiday cheer is being spread, we don’t care how it’s being done.  This woman is doing it in a way that everyone is loving right now, including us!

Walking Dog

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