UPS Driver Saves A Great Dane on His Route


Stories don’t have to happen today or even yesterday to make it to our website.  In fact this story happened way back in January.   UPS driver Gavin Crowsley was driving on his normal route in Indiana when he spotted a large dog, emaciated, chained, and without food or water.   The driver recalls being able to see nearly “every bone in his body.”   Crowsley knew the dog would die and felt he couldn’t just leave him there in the cold and snow.

Crowsley called the Clay County Humane Society and they rescued Phoenix within an hour. Phoenix is completely deaf and blind in one eye, but he has made a full recovery. He is now learning how to be a house dog, in a warm and loving home, and raises money for other dogs in need.

You can see Phoenix on his Facebook page.  At the time Phoenix was rescued he only weighed 70 lbs.  For most dogs that’s a healthy and even large weight.  But Great Danes usually fall in the 120-200 lb range depending on their height.  Phoenix had a lot of work to do but that work has paid off!

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