Veteran And His Pit Bull Service Dog Denied A Ride On NJ Transit Bus, When Is it Going to Stop?


When an Army Vet tried to get a ride on a New Jersey transit bus with his service dog (which happened to be a pit bull) the driver of that bus would not let him on.  The veteran who was using the service dog to help with his PTSD was noticeably upset over the incident and he wants the world to know about it.  Daniel Wright has served 11 years in the armed forces and in those long years of service he has seen some bad things. This war hero has served in both the Marines and the Army during his tours of duty. Wright himself was injured while serving the nation and received a purple heart.  Having developed PTSD, Wright enlisted the help of a service dog who he has named Tank.

Tank and Wright go everywhere together and he was surprised that day when the bus driver wouldn’t allow them to get on.  Wright and his dog had recently moved to Newark and up until now had no issues with traveling together.  The bus driver told the 11 year veteran that dogs are not allowed on city buses.  But Wright then explained that the dog was a service animal and allowed on any form of public transportation.  The bus driver then told Wright that he did not care if the dog was a service animal or not and would not let the pair on board. Sadly, this rude driver had no heart for the man who spent many years protecting this nation.

Wright has filed a formal complaint with the transit authority and hopes that this will stop other veterans from being mistreated.  After the complaint was filed, the NJ transit authority released a statement confirming that all service animals are allowed on any of their trains or buses.  The good news is Wright and his dog Tank were not left stranded for long as another bus came along.  After showing the driver his military I.D. the driver let both the man and the dog on the bus.  For a first hand account of these events you can find Wright’s interview in the video located below.  Hopefully, this will bring attention to this problem and no one else will be denied access to public transportation while traveling with a service animal.

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