Video Shows Dog Waiting for His Family

dogs trust photo

Sometimes we see something so moving and so touching we cannot help but to wonder what makes people so cruel. What makes us so cruel that we can let dogs and cats and other animals be homeless and uncared for and unloved in shelters and on the street and without homes? I know that we all have our reasons and that not everyone in the world is designed to own a pet. Some people are just awful and horrible and should never, ever have a pet. In fact, dogs are safer on the streets left to their own devices than they are in the care of some of the people whose dogs we often right about, whose stories are heartbreaking and awful. But there are just so many dogs in the world in need of love and care.

This dog, for example, is one of them. The star of the new Dogs Trust video, this dog is waiting for his forever family. It’s the story of how this dog and his sweet little doll only have one another but they are looking for so much more in life. We cannot help but to tear up when we watch this video and the full impact of what we are seeing finally hits us. These are dogs without homes and without families and without lives, and they are miserable. They want to have a home of their own. Watch the video and just try not to tear up yourself; it’s not even possible.   

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