Wait Until You Hear What This Dog Survived

Sometimes you hear a story about one ordeal that a dog survived and it hits you that there may be no stronger or braver creature on this Earth. It seems that no matter how adverse the situation a dog finds themselves in, they have an incredibly strong survival instinct that manages to often keep them alive, in even the most dire of situations. Take for example, this story about Buddy the chocolate lab, and just what this dog survived.

For those who don’t know, there was a deadly land slide in Washington last week, and sadly, it took the lives of some people. One family affected by it was the Kuntz family. Their entire house (and street) was wiped away. They just thought, like anyone would, that their chocolate lab, Buddy, was one of the casualties in the accident. It makes sense, too. A landslide that has the power to move whole houses can leave few survivors. But guess what? While they were at their house, checking on the wreckage, they heard some whimpering and knew it had to be Buddy. The dog survived, somehow, but was buried and needed help. The Kuntz acted quickly, surveying the situation and finding where the whimpering was coming from. Sure enough, Buddy was alive!

The brought rescuers in, and Buddy was saved from where the dog was trapped. The death toll for this horrible natural disaster is rising more and more every day, but it brings us great happiness to know the Kuntz were reunited with their dog, amid all the loss and sadness. I also want to say what I always say in a situation like this. Never give up on your dog. Even in the worst odds, dogs are fighters and survivors.

Never forget that.

Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images


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