What Liam Neeson Did For An Abused Dog is Unfortunately Untrue

So the original story goes something like this.  We found out about this on March 20th and wrote this:

As if actor Liam Neeson was not already cool enough, be prepared to like him even more. Heck, this sounds like a scene right out of a movie he would be in. Seriously, when you hear what Liam Neeson did for an abused dog, it will redefine just how heroic a soul he is. It is one thing to play a hero in film, and another thing completely to do something brave and heroic in real life. Warning, the story has a rough beginning, but stay tuned for the happy ending.

So the story goes that Liam Neeson was jogging in Central Park when he heard a woman calling for help. She was yelling something about some teens trying to stone a dog to death. Being the genuine soul he is, this filled Neeson with rage. He saw the circle of kids and ran over and confronted them. At first, they seemed ready to turn on the actor, but it is said he was fuming and was ready to start something potentially dangerous. The kids had been gathered around the dog and were hitting him with stones. The kids saw the rage in Neeson’s eyes (and probably realized it was him) and they ran off like the cowards they are.

Well, actually, they saw a cop coming. But still, we don’t think it would have played out quite as well had Liam Neeson not stopped and did everything he could to make those awful people stop hurting the dog. The dog survived, though little else is known as of right now.  Big props to Neeson for going all “Taken” on those punks and saving the dog.  Remember too, Neeson was a boxer in his younger days.

*Fast forward to today and it turns out that Neeson is denying the entire story.  Is there no justice in the world?

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