Wait Until You Read What This Amazing Blind Dog Does


They say for every sense someone loses, they gain one greater. But is the same thing said for dogs? Well, we have one dog that will prove this is true, and blow your mind in the process with just it is capable of doing. Sometimes you can tell dogs should have hearts WAY bigger than their bodies, and this is just one of those stories. The story of the blind dog who still manages to help deliver packages.If that doesn’t blow your mind, you may need to check and make sure you still have one.

Her name is Molly, and she “works” at the Goin’ Postal Shipment Center in Centrailia, Washington. She is a lovely black lab with just about the warmest disposition you ever did see. She helps interact with customers, helps to keep the staff smiling, and even ensures all the packages get to the right places. The amazing part of the story is that Molly is 100% blind. But do you think she lets that hold her back at all? Do you think that impairs her at all? Heck no! Molly works harder than most humans we know, and she always does it with a wagging tail.
So how does she help sort mail?

She takes the slips from the customers and brings them to their corresponding clip boards. Truth is, some new staff even ending up watching Molly to learn the ropes. The funny part of all this is that the days when Molly is not there, the place gets far less business. People just love coming in and knowing they are gonna be dealing with Molly. They also know her working reputation is pretty great, too.

So the next time someone tells you a dog with three legs or a blind dog has an impairment, you remind them about Molly, and how some dogs just rise to the occasion and let nothing hold them back.

Photo by Jordan Silverman/Getty Images)

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