Wait Until You Read What This Fox Terrier Did For These Kittens

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I truly believe that, in many aspects, dogs are selfless animals. People joke that only think about themselves and what they want at any given time, but we have stories like the one we are about to tell that prove otherwise. Stories that prove dogs put others lives before their own, and do not often care what animal or species needs help, if something is in need of help and a dog can help, it will do anything in its power to. Take, for example, the following story of Gigi the Fox Terrier.

Gigi had given birth herself recently when she heard the cries of some abandoned cats near her home in Australia. She followed the cries until she found them, and in the process, found that their mother seemingly had no interest in them. So Gigi did what any other loving Mother would do. She took to caring for the three kittens and raising them herself. We have talked before about the strong maternal instinct a female dog has after giving birth, and Gigi proves that to be true. A Fox Terrier with a heart of gold (like most of them have!)

Animal specialists in Australia have gone on record to say the kittens are doing just fine, and definitely would not have survived had Gigi not chosen to adopt them when they needed her most. Specialists are now looking for regular homes for the cats, but are so grateful Gigi gave them the love (and milk) they needed, and no dut, these animals must have an amazing bond between them that no human will ever understand.

(Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

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