Wait Until You Read What The Police Did For These Six Dogs Trapped Outside

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You know, we have no idea why, but cops sometimes get a very bad rep in our society. We know it has a lot to do with rap and how cops are often portrayed as the enemy in that medium, as well as film, but what about all the good that cops do for dogs on a daily basis. If you are a dog lover, you need to know how much thanks we owe law enforcement for just how far out of their way they go to help dogs. Like the officers in this story who helped to save six dogs who were stuck outside during frigid temperatures and horrid weather.

It was January 23rd when someone noticed that someone had six dogs chained up outside for days in the polar vortex in Pittsburgh. We are talking about temperatures reaching well below zero, with some nights of driving snowfall. It is heart breaking to try to even imagine.  The worst part is that four of them were puppies. Two adult Pit Bulls and for puppies, to be exact. All left alone outside, chained up, to fend for themselves in one of the coldest stretches of weather in recent memory. Well, this is where the cops come in and save the day, like they so often do.

The police actually believe that these six dogs were bred and raised for dog fighting, and that they not only saved them from the cold, but saved them from a far worse fate down the line as well. The dogs were chained outside a Lexington home, and the people in the house are being looked into. You can find out some more details on this sad story (with a happy ending) over at Life With Dogs.

The good news is that all the dogs survived the harsh conditions, and are being kept warm and safe at an undisclosed location until the horrible people behind this can be brought to justice. Check back here for more details as they emerge.


One of the dogs rescued.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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