Warm Weather and Brachycephalic Dogs

So as the weather gets warmer and the Summer gets closer and closer, we find ourselves wondering if you guys know what a brachycephalic dog breed is. It is essential to know if your dog is brachycephalic before Summer starts, because it has to do with the quality of life they get to live. Okay, sit down, this is important.

A brachycephalic dog is a dog that has a flattened head and shortened muzzle. Pugs and Bulldogs are perfect examples of this. So why do you need to know this going into Summer specifically? Well, the structure of these dogs faces and heads makes it slightly more difficult to breathe, which you know affects their ability to pant and cool off. This means brachycephalic dogs are more prone to breathing problems and heat stroke than other types of dogs in Summer. See, we are telling you this to inform you. Many people are not familiar with the term brachycephalic, and that means that are not properly prepared for the extra attention you need to give your Pug or Bulldog in hot weather. It also makes them 40% more likely to suffer heat stroke than dogs who are not brachycephalic.

Truth is, just be cautious of the really warm weather and long exposure on hot days for dogs like that. Last thing you want to do is make the quality of your dog’s life any tougher than it needs to be. Information is power, my friend and fellow canine lovers.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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