Watch A Woman in A Wheelchair Motorcycle Cruise with Her Dog

motorcycle dog

Sometimes you have to make accommodations for certain aspects of life. Requiring a wheelchair to get around is one of those things. Certain concessions are necessary, such as wider doorways at home, a ramp for your chair and a vehicle that accommodates your chair. For one woman, thought, it means something else in addition to all those things. She has a wheelchair to get around with because of her own personal health issues, and she loves to ride motorcycles. It almost seems as if that’s something you can no longer do when you are in a wheelchair, but this woman is not letting anything stop her from doing what she loves. She has a motorcycle that accommodates her wheelchair so that she can still ride and feel the wind in her face and the breeze in her hair.

She also has plenty of room for her dog on her wheelchair motorcycle, which is not something that most other motorcyclists can say about their own lives. When they go out and want to enjoy their own days and their own lives, they cannot do so with their own dogs. Their dogs typically do not fit on their bikes. It’s a common problem for those who like to go out and enjoy the gorgeous weather on a nice ride, but cannot take with them their beloved dogs. Some might be able to fit their dog in a carrier if it is small enough, but it is a problem for many. It’s not a problem for this woman, though; and we recommend checking her out.

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