What to Watch for When Dealing With a Boston Terrier Rescue Group

Boston Terrier in Blankets

Owning a Boston Terrier has been the dream of many people.  I for one, think these dogs make amazing companions and are very beautiful dogs. If you are looking for one of these lovely dogs to call your own, getting one from a breeder might seem like the best option.  But a great way to help reduce the pet population is to get one from a quality Boston Terrier Rescue group.  These organizations specialize in this breed and really know their stuff.  The plus side to getting your pet from one of these facilities is that you will be giving a home to a dog that otherwise goes unwanted.

Not all Boston Terrier Rescue Groups Are Created Equal

Dog rescues are often great organization that would tirelessly work to save the lives of animals. While most of these facilities are very well operated, there is a few that have been known to abuse and neglect their animals.  Some of these organizations have recently been on the news for overcrowding and other violations.  This is a very small percent but when looking for a new pet you must be proactive in order to avoid one of these bad apples.  There are some things you should look out for when getting your dog from one of these groups.

What to Look Out For When Adopting an Animal

The first thing you should always look for when getting your new pet is overcrowding.  If you go to the facility and there are several dogs locked in very small cages this should send up a red flag.  While many of these groups do take on a large amount of animals, a good manager will only allow as many dogs in as they have resources for.  Overcrowding can lead to the spread of sickness.  The second thing you should considered looking into is whether or not the dogs are being cared for by a Vet.  Many of these organizations don’t have the resources to have an in house Vet but they should at least have one they take the dogs to.  So make sure to ask whether or not the dog has been examined by a professional.  Finally, look online for feedback.  Many people who have dealt with the group in the past will leave either positive or negative feedback online.  This is a great way to see if the group is on the up and up.

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