Watch This French Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix Speak Her Mind

Dog speaks

When you hear the noises the dog in this next video makes, you will be surprised.  This tiny little canine can make some of the strangest moans, when she wants something she can’t have.  Even the owner of this French Bulldog Boston Terrier Mix seems to think her dog sounds like an alien from another world.  But I think the dog just has a unique way of expressing herself.

While this sound is strange it’s also very cute.  These vocalizations are this dog’s way of telling her owner that she wants to chew on her pen.  But the owner will not allow her to and the dog starts to plead her case.  It’s almost as if she is trying to reason with her owner, so that she can do what she wants to do.  This goes on during the entire video and it really shows just how intelligent this canine really is.  Some dogs would simply give up, but this little pooch sticks by her beliefs and makes everyone in the room know that she is upset.

Just like a child, this dog seems to protest against something her owner simply doesn’t want her to do.  While the dog is taking this a bit serious, it seems that the owner finds the situation slightly funny.  The owner has probably dealt with this behavior before and gets a laugh out of this canine’s tantrums. But I am sure that the dog will forget about chewing on the pen soon and go back to being her loving self.  I am sure that the dog and his owner get along most of the time.  But just like having children, sometimes you have to discipline them in order for them to learn what is right and wrong.

As you watch this very cute video, you will see a dog that really has a strong will to do what she wants.  She is not afraid to complain about her dislikes and she shows her owner that she too has a voice.  It’s really fun to watch this interaction and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

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