Watch What Happens when a Puppy Meets a Herd of Cows

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There can be something magical that happens when animals get to meet other kinds of animals. We are lucky that most of us are dog lovers and get to experience our pets experiencing many things for the first time. Like the first time a dog sees a butterfly, for example. Always something cute results from the meeting that makes you saw AHHH out loud. Well, just wait until you see when this puppy meets a herd of cows. It is like two worlds, coming together.

There is something extra special I want you to look out for in this video when you watch it. You will notice the Boxer puppy get really curious (not scared, or aggressive, just curious) and you will see the cows get very curious, too. You will then notice the Boxer walks quickly towards one of the cows, and the cow gets scared. This is the amazing part. The dog can clearly tell the cow misread the gesture, so at that moment, he lays himself down on all fours (a sign of peace among animals) and lets all the cows circle him and smell him and try to figure him out, all while he is trying to figure them out.

Like I said, it is clearly the meeting of two worlds who know little of each other. On top of that, it is UDDERly adorable. Yup, thought you might appreciate some awful wordplay there. Looks like I milked the last joke out of this piece!

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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