Watch Pit Bulls Who Love Their Kittens


Pitbulls; they’re mean and aggressive and awful dogs. They will attack you and kill you and they should not be allowed in homes. Oh, I’m sorry; I thought we were talking about lunatic murderers. Pitbulls are some of the friendliest and most loving dogs in the world. They’re so gentle, they’re amazing with kids and the people that don’t know this are just missing out. The media likes to portray them as evil dogs with behavioral issues, but they’re not. They’re sweet animals that love so much.

And they really love their kittens. How can an animal thought to be so mean and so hateful and so awful and dangerous be this sweet with a small kitten? Well, you might just have to see this one for yourself. These are dogs that just love kittens, and these kittens might just feel a little bit too loved. After all, they want to explore things and learn about their new surroundings and these dogs just want to love on them. Can you see how this cuteness could be a bit too much to handle on a daily basis? Don’t say I didn’t warn you; especially when these big dogs start kissing these little kittens.

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