Watch a Sheltered Homeless Pit Bull Make His Own Bed


There are dogs that want to be adopted and taken to their forever homes badly, and then there is this dog. This pit bull is a dog that wants so badly to be adopted that he has learned to perform impressive tricks that enable him to really impress those who come into the shelter to see him. You see, this pit bull has learned to make his own bed. Many of us have kids who don’t even do this, who we struggle to teach to do this, who still need our help on a daily basis even though they are perfectly old enough to know to do it on their own.

This lovely little pit bull is going to make someone a lovely pet at some point. When his forever family realizes that he’s not only a breed that is notoriously great with kids, protective of the family and playful, they’re going to love the fact that he’s also very clean and tidy. You have to see this dog making his bed every morning to believe it, but it’s true. Take a look at the video and tell us that you don’t want to adopt a dog that is going to help you with the household chores.

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