Watch This Dog Communicate With Humans in the Most Hilarious Manner

yelling dog

With four kids of my own, I know that sometimes they fight to get their own point across. Sometimes when they are excited or angry about something that the other did, they will all run to me at one time and try to speak over one another in an effort to be heard first and loudest, and sometimes they have to be very creative about how they get our attention. They are, too. You never know what they will do, but one of our daughters has mastered the art of getting our attention by pre-telling on her siblings when she feels that they are thinking of doing something wrong or when they look at her sideways and she decides that probably means that they might hit her or yell at her or take a toy from her – even though no one actually did anything.

This dog is like my daughter; he knows that he needs to get his point across to this owners, but he has to figure out a way to do it. He’s not the only dog in the house, and that means he’s got to find a way to make sure he is heard. Lucky for him, he’s done just that and we are so excited to show you this video because it is beyond cute. This dog does not bark when he has something to say, nor does he bother with whining. Instead, he just yells until someone pays attention to what he wants to hear and what he wants to accomplish.

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