Watch This Dog Pretend To Sleep Until The Magic Word is Spoken

dog ignoring owner

In the interest of being quite honest, I will tell you that I definitely do pretend to sleep sometimes when I am not asleep. Am I proud of this? Yes, actually. I am quite proud. While we’ve been wonderfully blessed with four amazing sleepers for kids, we never had to do much of the getting up at night. Even when they were new babies, we were only up once or twice a night with them for the first two or three weeks and then the babies were sleeping around 10-12 hours on their own, growing and thriving and really making us proud parents. However, when someone has a bad dream, or wakes up at 4 am wanting to know if it’s time to wake up and have breakfast and go to school or just wants to let us know that they need some water or something, I can pretend to sleep like you wouldn’t believe. I’m so good at it, they now go to my husband’s side of the bed automatically to ask him for those things on the rare occasion they actually get up in the middle of the night (he doesn’t mind, and I figure since I have to get all four of them up and dressed and fed in the morning all by myself since my husband is gone and they have to go to school, it’s only fair he should fetch 3 am water).

This dog is like that, too. He’s not really asleep, but he would like his owners to think that he is asleep. He is doing his very best to ignore his owners. He is pretending to sleep on his owner’s leg on the couch and ignoring everything that they say to him. He’s probably thinking that they are seriously annoying and wishing they’d stop talking. He seems pretty positive he just wants to sleep. However, when they ask the dog if he wants to go for a walk, he wakes immediately up and wants to go. It’s funny how offering someone what they want will wake them from the deepest of sleeps, isn’t it?

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