Watch the World’s Laziest Dog Not Move for A Door

lazy dog

Some might judge this beautiful dog, but I will not. I will not judge this dog because sometimes you just don’t have the energy to get up and if a sliding power door is attempting to close on your body as a result, you don’t care. It is not your problem. This is a big dog that carries a lot of weight on his shoulders quite regularly, so who are we to judge that he’s just not in the mood to be bothered as he goes about his business? I’m not saying a word, because I get it. I have four small kids, and sometimes I want to fall down on the floor and lay there until they are in college. After 5 am wakeups to work before they get up in the morning all week, getting all four ready to take two to school, entertaining my 2-year-old twins all day, working in moments I can, keeping my house in order, picking the big kids up, taking them to practices and games and then coming home, working in dinner, getting them all to bed and collapsing; I’m tired.

I don’t know this dog’s life and what he does all day long. However, judging by his lack of desire to move when a door is hitting him repeatedly in the face, I’m going to assume he’s exhausted and in need of a break. I’m also going to encourage you to watch the video because it is funny in a strange kind of manner.

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