Watch What these Trained German Shepherds Can Do in Unison

Head turning

We have all seen our pet dogs turn their heads sideways, when they are curious about something.  This adorable action is something we really love about our pets.  It looks so cute and no one in their right mind could not smile when they see it.

The two German Shepherds in the video below seem to have this cute action down to a science. It seems that the owner of the pair, have trained them to both turn their heads to the side at the same time.  I wondered how they got them to do this?  Maybe it all started by accident?  Who really knows?

This very funny looking act really is something special to see.  I know that if my dogs were to learn this, I would simply love it.  While the video is not very long, it does have enough time to show you just how amazing these two dogs are.  The pair is really talented and I wonder how many other tricks these guys know? I can imagine they have many more up their sleeve.

The video is also very funny, because it looks like the two dogs are sticking out their tongues at the camera.  I really laughed hard when I notice it and you probably will too.  These dogs are very cute and anyone would be lucky to have them.  I am sure that the owner of these two very beautiful dogs takes really good care of them.  They look really healthy and I am sure they will get a treat for preforming on this video.

While the video has not gone viral, it has had over 50,000 views since 2013.  This may not seem like a lot of hits, compared to some dog videos, but this one is just as funny as the rest.  I really enjoyed watching it and I will be recommending it to all of my dog loving friends.

So if you can find the time, please check out this amazing video.  It will put a smile on your face and it may even having you laughing like I did.  So check it out!

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