Watch These White Golden Retriever Puppies Playing In The Snow For The First Time!

snow dogs

If you love cute puppies this next video is for you.  In the clip you will find five very adorable puppies, playing in the snow for the very first time!   These White Golden Retriever pups seem to be having the time of their life.  As they run around in the snow, their matching coats gives off a very vibrant glow.  This almost magical moment, was captured on video and the owner of these dogs will have it forever.  While these dogs will go to different homes, he will always have this memory to keep.

These snow dogs are being raised by a breeder and he is taken the opportunity to showcase his loving animals for the world to see.  As these little guys have fun, you can tell that they are very interested in their environment.  Having never been in the snow before, they don’t really know what to think of it.  But as you can tell, they are learning fast that it’s cold.  One of the little puppies even takes a bite out of the snow, but soon spits it out.  I am sure that it was very cold.

During the video, these dogs seem to push their boundaries. Each time they go out further, as their owner calls them back, you can tell that they are testing their limits.  As many of you know, White Golden Retrievers are very smart animals, but also very curious.  This can sometimes get them into trouble when they try new things out that can be dangerous.  But the owner is keeping a very watchful eye on them as you will see.

It really must be a joy to raise such beautiful animals and have some time to spend with them.  It almost makes you want to go out and become a dog breeder yourself.  But I know that it is very hard work and it takes years of learning to become one.

So if you want to see five little puppies, having a really great time in the snow, check out the video.  You too will be amazed at these beautiful dogs and will get lots of joy from watching them play.

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