Watch This Yorkie Chihuahua Mix Play Fetch!


When it comes to cute dogs, mixed breeds are some of the most adorable of all.  But when you mix two tiny dog breeds together you get one beautiful pooch.  As you will see in the video below this Yorkie Chihuahua Mix is one fine animal.  As the owner of this dog tosses him a toy you can tell by his reaction that he is a very high energy dog.  This pooch runs down the hallway and retrieves the toy and proudly returns it to his owner. But instead of running off with the toy like many dogs would this pooch puts it down.  He allows his owner to have the toy sheep so that he can have it thrown to him again.

When you mix two small dog breeds together like the one you have here, you often get a dog that is full of life.  The one in the video is surely full of life and seems like a really happy animal.  I am sure that the owner of this canine is very happy to have him and gets a lot of enjoyment out of him.

This long haired tiny dog really looks like his Chihuahua parent and I am sure that both his mother and his father were really cute animals.  It’s hard not to love how these animals look and although they can sometimes be a handful, these dogs make wonderful pets. They can really run around the house barking very loudly and sometimes get under your feet.  But the love small dogs have for their owners can’t be compared to any other dogs.

While the video clip is super short it does showcase what a lovely animal this dog is.  If you are a fan of mixed breeds, you too will get a kick out of watching this beautiful animal play a game of fetch. I for one really loved the video and watching this pooch play was well worth the minute or two it took to view it.

So if you have the time, please take a few minutes to check out the video below.

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