As Weather Gets Warmer, The Key Word For Dogs Is Water

We fully realize this is dog 101 stuff, but the weather is steadily getting warmer and warmer as Summer approaches. You do know hat this means for your dog, right? It means you need to ensure that the dog has constant access to fresh water. Remember, dogs are not quite like us humans who sweat. Dogs just pant, and for that reason, it is our job to ensure they are staying hydrated and healthy in the hot Summer months.

The key thing to remember is, a dog will pretty much drink any water from any source of it is thirsty. That can actually be quite dangerous for the dog. Depending on where you are and what water the dog is exposed to. Last thing you want is your thirsty dog drinking out of dirty puddles because it is thirsty and you brought it somewhere without proper fresh water for it to drink. Heck, what we do is just buy a couple gallons of water a week, just for the dog. We bring that with us in a little cooler with some ice everywhere we go. It is a simple step you can take to ensure that Fido is not only having a good time, but not over heating or dehydrating in the process.

So remember: always have some fresh water on hand for your dog as the weather improves. You wouldn’t play out in the sun for a whole day without keeping yourself hydrated, right? Well, do the same thing for Fido.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

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