Weatherman Brings his Dog on Air and Hilarity Ensues


When it comes to live television, anything can and will happen – especially when you put a dog into the equation! The crew at an Edmonton news station learned the hard way that while dogs are known as man’s best friends, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t pass up the chance at a moment in the spotlight. Last week, a rescue dog named Ripple pretty much stole the show on a Canadian weather broadcast when a weatherman brought him on to promote animal adoption as well as tried to conduct his weather portion of the news – and it was all caught on video! Ripple, a one-year-old Shepherd-Mastiff,  is currently up for adoption from the Edmonton Humane Society. Mike Sobel, a weatherman for the Global News, brought up the rambunctious and energetic puppy to the weather board with him to do the forecast together. Ripple could care less about the weather though, opting to play with the striped-tied weatherman instead!

In the video below, you can see weatherman Mike Sobel introducing Ripple and trying to conduct his weather segment with Ripple by his side. The dog is on a leash, but that doesn’t stop the dog from jumping up on Sobel and chewing on the leash so that it ends up breaking off! Ripple doesn’t care about the weather – he just wants to play! Sobel tries to get the playful canine to sit, but the dog just ignores him and continues to gnaw at the leash the weatherman has him on. Sobel tries to keep his composure but Ripple keeps pulling at the leash and the man starts laughing. Eventually the dog’s gnawing is successful and he breaks off the leash. Upon realizing that, Sobel holds up the broken leash; meanwhile, the ever-playful puppy thinks that Sobel is trying to play with him and he jumps up on the weatherman, trying to get to the leash. It’s all captured on tape for all to see!

Watch as the canine completely steals the show:

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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