Weimaraner Lab Mix: One of The Best Family Dog Hybrids

Weimaraner Lab Mix

One of the newest designer dogs to come on the market lately is a very fine mix breed.  So which new hybrid dog am I talking about?  The Weimaraner Lab Mix of course.  While many of you might not have heard of this new type of designer dog, there will be some of you that have. This is one of the more attractive large dog mixes and is the reason why so many people are starting to purchase them.

They Make Great Family Pets and Don’t Require A lot of Training

The Weimaraner Lab Mix is a very intelligent animal and when it comes to training they don’t need much.  In fact, other than house breaking there isn’t much you need to do.  Their temperaments are very passive and this is another reason so many families are bringing these dogs into their homes. If you have ever had the pleasure of owning one of these fine animals, you will know just what I mean.  They are super affectionate and are loyal to the entire family.  It would be rare to find one of these dogs with an aggressive nature but they do bark loud when someone they don’t know comes around.  But this is normally only to warn their owners.

They Can Be Very Large Animals That Will Live Along Time

While some of your other large breed dogs tend to have short lifespans, the Weimaraner Lab Mix can live up to 13 years or more.  This is very good news for someone wanting a larger animal without having to deal with short life expectancy issues. These canines can reach upwards of 100 pounds and are very lively pooches.

They Love To Play In the Yard

Because this hybrid mix comes from two of the most popular working breed dogs, they are full of energy. They often love to play outside where they can run around and even get dirty if they want to.  So if you are thinking of getting one of these animals, make sure you have room for them.  They will also often need a bath at the end of the day, so keep that in mind as well.

This Dog Is a Great Choice

So if you are thinking of getting a new family pet, why not consider this fine animal?  They will bring you years of enjoyment and will be loved by the entire family.  They require very little discipline and are a very well rounded hybrid animal.

Image via Summer Bee at Flickr.com

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