Weimaraner Rescue Groups Make Great Alternatives to Breeders


When it comes to dog breeds, the Weimaraner is one of the most beautiful and many people want them.  But depending on where you live, the availability of these dogs might be limited. Luckily there is a great alternative to getting your new pet from a breeder.  Quite a few Weimaraner Rescue groups have popped up over the years and they specialize in taking care of these beautiful dogs.  These groups bring in dogs from all over the country and house them until they can find new homes.  These no kill shelters will allow these dogs to reside their forever, if need be.

Getting your new pet from one of these groups is a great way to give back to the dog breed, you love the most.  Once you have adopted your new pooch, it will make room for another animal.  Most of these groups have limited space, so the more animals they adopt out, the more they can rescue.  Some of the places that they rescue animals from include individuals, puppy mills and county shelters that put dogs down.  The group will bring these dogs in danger to their shelter, where they work with them and rehabilitate them.  They spend tons of money on caring for these dogs and only ask for a small adoption fee, when you get one of their animals.

While many of you might not live near one of these groups, that’s not an issue.  Many groups are happy to work with you, no matter how far away you are.  They normally put tons of pictures of the dogs on their website and give detailed information about the history of the dog.  This will insure that there will be no surprises with the animal that you receive.  If you want a puppy instead of an adult dog, that’s not a problem either.  While it may take some time for you to locate a puppy, these groups will help you search for one, even if they have to contact another group.  So if you are itching to get a new pet, why not do some good and get a dog from one of these non-profit groups.

Image via Pedro Lozano at Flickr.com

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