The Wirehaired Vizsla: One of The Best Hunting Breeds

Wirehaired Vizsla

If you are looking for a hunting dog then you are in luck.  The canine in this next article is known as one of the best hunting dogs in the world.  So can you guess which dogs it is?  If you guessed the Wirehaired Vizsla, then you are correct.

This agile dog has its roots in the European country of Hungary.  One of the things that makes this dog one of the best hunters in the world is its strong sense of smell.  They have the ability to sniff out small game and alert their owners very quickly.  They have been used for centuries in Europe to hunt a large selection of game including birds and water fowl.  But having a great nose isn’t the only thing that makes this dog an expert hunter.

Their intelligence level is extremely high and they are really easy to train.  You don’t have to spend a long time teaching these dogs what to do because they are natural hunters that are born with a lot of ability.  This is why this dog has become so popular over the last few decades, and they can be found in many different countries.

But hunting isn’t the only reason why so many people are seeking out the Wirehaired Vizsla.  It seems these noble animals have two different sides to them.  While in the field they are fierce hunters but when they are home with their families they are calm and collected.  This breed is one of the best dogs to get if you have small children in the home.  Their temperament is very easy going and you shouldn’t have any behavior issues with these dogs.

Many people who live in the city are starting to bring these dogs home.  As long as they get enough exercise, they are right at home even in an apartment.  They simply love to play in the park and will run along beside you while you are jogging around the neighborhood.

Whether you are a hunter that is looking for the perfect companion to take with you out in the field or someone who is just looking for a family pet, the Wirehaired Vizsla is a really great option.  While these dogs are very popular you might have to look around some for breeder in your area.  But when you find one and you bring that new puppy home, it will be well worth the search.

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