Woman Credits Her Pit Bull From Saving Her From an Assault

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Christina Cantrell survived an assault with the help of her beloved Pit bull. The incident happened early morning on June 10 at a home in Jonesboro, AR. Cantrell stated that she was sleeping on a recliner at her friend’s house when someone knocked on the door. Right after the knock, the two suspects, Latisha Hall and Ryan McCloud, forced their way into the house by kicking the door. Both suspects were armed with pistols. Hall threatened her with a gun and asked if she has ever been pistol whipped. After that the suspect started beating her with a pistol. “She hit me over 30 to 40 times in the head and the face with the pistol. I had never been pistol whipped but I have been now and it’s no joke,” Cantrell said.

During her interview with Region 8 News Cantrell said that she didn’t know what would have happened to them if it weren’t for her Pit bull pup named CoCo. She also noted that while she was getting beat by Hall she screamed and that’s when CoCo came to her rescue and bit the suspect. CoCo was also responsible for alerting Cantrell’s friend about the intruders. The pooch distracted McCloud which gave her friend the chance to knock the gun out of Hall’s hand. “CoCo is my life-saver. She’s been my life-saver for 4 years. If it hadn’t been for her distracting the other person, the girl would have kept hitting me in the face and head. Eventually, she would have probably knocked me out, but she didn’t.” Cantrell said.

The suspects were able to flee the scene. They were reported to have driven back by the home while authorities were conducting their investigation. The pair were arrested after a short while, as stated in the Jonesboro Police report. Hall and McCloud are facing residential burglary charges and are currently in Craighead County Jail waiting for their trial.

We are glad that the suspects are now in custody. Thanks to the brave and smart CoCo! If it weren’t for CoCo something bad could have happened to any of them that were in the house during the incident. We bet she is getting lots of love and attention from Cantrell and her family.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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