Woman Living In A Garage To Care For Rescue Dogs Gets The Ultimate Surprise


There are so many animals in the world that need homes. Sherry is a woman who owns her own animal shelter. She rescues animals that need homes, and she tries to find them the homes that they need and deserve. She actually lives in her own garage because she is using her home to keep the dogs that she has rescued. Most of the dogs she has are adorable and sweet, but they are dogs that are on the euthanization list at the local shelters.

She has rescued dogs she found on the side of the road, she has rescued dogs that are going to die at a shelter if they are not rescued, and she never kills a dog. She is the kind of woman who is just as wonderful as they come; selfless and giving. She is so kind and she does everything for these dogs. The wants to save all the dogs, but it’s not an easy job. Thanks to her wonderful friends and the reputation she has in her community, she is being surprised with the most amazing surprise; she has no idea. She has no concept that something amazing is about to happen. Watch this video to find out what kind of surprise she is going to receive.

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