Woman With Rare Disease Needed Serious Help To Live and It Came in the Form of a Golden Retriever

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When Clare Syversten needed help to live on her own that help came from an unlikely place.  Clare suffers from two conditions that keep her from being able to led a normal life.  But thanks to a very special dog named Griffin she can now live along without having to worry about anything.  Griffin is a Golden retriever that was brought into the home of Clare and is now her service dog.  The very cute pooch does many things for Clare that she would never be able to do on her own.  Clare suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which affects her joints.  One sudden movement could mean that Clare’s joints might pop out-of-place and would put her in extreme pain.  Clare is now wheelchair bound and can not stand or walk.

But thanks to Griffin Clare’s life has gotten much easier.  When the phone rings Griffin is quick to grab it and carry it to Clare.  While doing laundry Griffin will take the clothing from Clare and put it in the washer.  Helping out around the house is just one of the things that this adorable pup can do.  Griffin also helps Clare to go out on her own.  During Clare’s shopping trips Griffin is right there to help her grab items and place them in her cart.  When Clare comes home from a long day out Griffin helps remove her jacket and even her shoes.  This allows Clare to live alone with her service dog and she feels more independent than she has in a very long time.

Griffin has become more than just a service animal for Clare, he has become her best friend.  This amazing bond is something that both the dog and the woman share.  Griffin seems to love his owner just as much as she loves him.  This is a wonderful relationship that both parties benefit from.  There is so many small things that this canine does for his owner that adds up to something so much bigger.  For more information on this beautiful story, please check out the video which is located below. This is a very emotional story so make sure to have a tissue ready when you watch it.


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