Woman Rescues Two Puppies From Being Killed and Then Posts This on Craigslist


With so many people wishing they could have pet dogs, it’s such a shame that others will get dogs only to lose interest in them after a short time, not giving them the love, care and affection that they need. Most of the time, people will end up abandoning and leaving these poor pups to fend for themselves, which often results in a horrible life on the street for the dog, or they also often end up dead, getting hit by a car on the mean streets. Fortunately for two puppies in that exact situation, a woman ended up finding them, taking them in and helping them out of the kindness of her heart. After rescuing the two helpless pups, the woman posted an open letter to the dogs’ owners via Craiglist, which has people applauding her left and right.

The woman’s Craiglist ad starts off with a daunting “You aren’t looking for them, but I found your two dogs.” She goes on to say that no one seems to be looking for the dogs and that she sees why. They are less-than-stellar creatures, humping everything in sight, peeing on everything and barking at everything. They don’t know any commands in either English or Spanish, and they are aggressive little things, which leads her to believe they came from a puppy mill. The two puppies seem to have been dumped and were rescued just in time before someone ran them over. It turns out that they were under a year old, had no tags, and were unneutered male dogs. The former owners didn’t even bother to put up an ad about the dogs and the woman was afraid to take the two pups to the pound because they were snappy and afraid and had they been taken there, would not pass the test to be placed into adoption and they would therefore have been killed.

Instead, the woman started to see how the two dogs were and was pleasantly surprised that they were adorable and able to change their ways and their old bad habits. She is getting very attached and goes on to say that she will have them neutered and trained, as well as putting them into a good loving home.  The woman ends her open letter to the former owner, saying, “If these are your dogs, come on by, I’d like to kick your a**,” which is quite possibly the best way anyone could have ended a letter like this.

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Andrex)

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