Yet More Sobering Proof on Why Dogs Should NEVER Be Left Alone In Cars, Even With the Windows Down

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A police officer in Roswell, Georgia was called to the scene of a parked car.  But what’s inside the car will totally shock you and make you angry at the same time.  It seems that someone left their dog in a parked car, while running inside of a store.  It’s not known how long the poor canine was trapped in the car, but from the temperature inside the dog must have been in their for more than a few minutes.  A fast thinking passerby called police to the scene and recorded the entire event.

When the police officer arrived at the parked car, he had a handheld thermometer. Before taking the dog out of the car, he took temperature readings for legal reasons.  The outside temp was 97 degrees, but the temp inside the car will totally shock you.  After reading the inside temp, the officer told the person recording that the temp on the dashboard of the car was 150 degrees!  This was in the front of the car and the windows were even cracked.  The owner of this poor pooch must have thought that by cracking the window, it would keep the car cool.  But sadly in the hot sun the car was quickly turning into an oven.

After reading the temps, the officer was forced to rescue the animal and make a case against the owner.  This shocking video proves that even with the window down, a dog or cat can be cooked to death on a slightly hot summer day.  It doesn’t take long for the heat to build and once that happens the damage is already done.  People who leave their pets inside of parked cars are getting into trouble around the country, for leaving their pets unattended. It’s sad to see that even with all of the media attention on the subject matter; people are still being careless and leaving their pets in hot cars.  Many cities are passing new laws to make this act more punishable.  Some are even calling for jail time to be handed out for those who leave their pets alone in hot vehicles.

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