Yorkie Dog Makes Sure This Baby and Snug and Warm

Dog loves baby

We all know that our canine friends really do love us.  But there are some dogs out there that go far and beyond the call of duty, when it comes to taking care of us humans.  In the video you are about to view, you will see a very adorable little baby trying to have a nap.  But the dog does something extra special to make sure the child is comfortable. As the video starts, the pup can be seen standing next to the baby’s bed.  As the child sleeps, the dog which is a Yorkshire terrier name Misty, notices that the baby is not properly covered up.  So the cute little dog takes her face and try’s to cover the babies legs and feet.  This is truly a special moment in both the dog and the child’s life.

When you see this you will be really amazed.  The kind heart of this dog really does shine in this beautiful video.  This canine must really love her baby brother and wants to keep him safe.  Once the pooch has properly covered the baby’s feet and legs to keep them warm, she then walks away.  It seems she wanted the baby to be as comfortable as possible, before she went on with her day. While there are tons of baby and dog videos on the internet today, this one really does have something special.  I know that these two will become the best of friends in the future and I can just imagine them running around playing together.

Some people don’t think that a child this young should be around dogs.  But this video proves that some dogs really have their human friend’s best interest in mind.  I am sure that the pooch in this video had to give some things up when the new baby arrived, but she was more than willing to help out. She probably will always love the child and I am sure she will be around as he grows up. I have never seen anything like this before and I know you too will be shocked when you see it.

Image via YouTube.com

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