The Yorkie Pomeranian Mix: A Highly Desirable Dog

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Right now in the dog world nothing is more popular than tiny dog mixes.  These hybrid pooches are highly sought after and at times even more expensive to purchase than their purebred cousins.  In the video below you will see an example of one of these designer dogs.

This Yorkie Pomeranian Mix is one of the hottest hybrids on the market today and many people have started breeding them.  As you can see this tiny little do is very adorable and it is why so many people would want one.

The little dog in the video is a very curious pooch that seems to love running around and exploring in the grass.  These dogs are often playful and love to spend time in the backyard looking around.  But being so small it’s a good idea to pay close attention to them when they are outside.  Some have the tendency to roam and will get into serious trouble if they find themselves out of the yard.

As you watch this cute little dog play you can tell that it’s not going to get much larger in size.  This is another reason people love to own this dog mix.  They are able to carry them around where ever they go, often inside of a pet purse.  This gives them the ability to take their pet with them even on vacation and these dogs seem to love to travel. Having this convenience is great for both the dog and the owner because it means the dog doesn’t have to spend time home alone.

While this particular Yorkie Pomeranian Mix looks more like her Pomeranian parent, other dogs might look slightly different.  When crossing two different dogs there is always the chance that they will look like either parent or a combination of the two.  So if you are going to get one of these dogs you should keep that in mind.

If you are interested in small hybrid dogs, you should really check out the adorable pooch below.  Seeing this very cute little dog will make you want to run out and get one for yourself.

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