You Won’t Believe This Pit Bull’s Life Saving Story of Bravery

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This is one of those stories you wish all the world would learn about. A story of a very brave Pit Bull who put someone else’s life in front of his own. We feel like if more people knew about stuff like this, the Pit Bull breed would not get all the bad press it does. People need to understand just how brave and loyal these dogs are, and  Chako sums that up. This Pit Bull saves owners live, but got stabbed in the process. How many humans do you know who would do that? Don’t worry, Chako is doing just fine. In this story, the good guys win!

As told on LifeWithDogs, Chako jumped in front of the way of his owners when was being beaten and attacked by her abusive boyfriend. The man quickly pulled a knife and actually ended up stabbing poor Chako a dozen times. We know that is upsetting news, but Chako not only saved the live of his owner, he also was treated quickly and managed to survive the nightmarish attack. And yes, the attacker was arrested and is waiting jail time. It is the kind of story that may make you upset for a second, but if you look at the big picture, you realize it is something remarkable.

Not only did the bad guy get arrested, but the good guys lived. Not only that, many people came forward and helped donate for Chako’s vet bills. See, there is good news out there. You just need to know where to look. You hear about so many attack stories in the media with this breed, but how about “Pit Bull Saves Owner’s Life” for a headline? How about we all band together to show the world just how loving, loyal, and brave Pit Bulls are?

Well, Chako takes us one step closer to that. A true canine hero!

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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