Young Kitten Learns an Extremely Valuable Lesson about Dogs


The cat and kitten are back, now with the senior cat teaching the younger kitten all about their canine counterpart: the dog. The deep-voiced cat is once again showing the younger kitten the ropes of life and this time the feline is concentrating on their canine brethren. The cat starts off explaining what exactly a dog is, elaborating on it in this manner: “Imagine a cat. Now take away independence, cleanliness and intelligence. What you have left is basically a dog.” Yes, the same know-it-all cat is back and ready to show off its dominance, but you just can’t help but agree on what it says, even if you’re a dog lover over a cat lover.

In the video below, you can see the cat and kitten observing as they talk about the dog. While the dog is doing all sorts of strange things that cats don’t do, the two felines seem to be watching from the sidelines and making commentary about the dear pup. The cat finds every moment to diss the dog, saying things like dogs have terrible, awful breath and that for them to claim that “a dog is a man’s best friend,” which, to the cat, sounds like incredible marketing. He also equates puppies for being a seemingly French word for puppet, which makes sense as to why humans place a string (leash) on them from time to time. The cat also warns the kitten about when a dog gets happy that they should stay to the front, as their tails become some sort of psycho furry sword. Another point the cat makes is that alone time will be harder to find with a dog in the household. However, despite the cat’s grumpy demeanor, you just know that all three of them (cat, kitten and dog) are going to grow to be very good friends.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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