13 of the Craziest Luxury Doghouses


Do you have a doghouse for your canine?  If so, what does it look like?  Most of us pet owners get a standard dog house.   It’s got a little bed inside.  It’s comfortable enough for your dog to sleep in and he or she is happy there.   But some people go much further than that for their dogs.  Some folks build amenities that even a human being wouldn’t get.   So we decided to put together this little gallery of the most outrageous luxury doghouses we could find. All images brought to us by This Old HouseCoolist, and Interiors by Studiom.  Enjoy the gallery!


Column Dog House –  The signature feature of this Greek Revival doghouse—its 10 columns, replete with square-edged “capitals” (at the top and bottom of each piece)—were cut, glued and nailed together by hand from pieces of lumber used for building stairs. – via


Cottage Style House – a nice looking country style home.  Makes me want to cook some eggs and grits!


Georgian Style House – this house looks like it could have been in the plantation days.   Looks like it has two levels!


Colonial Style – yes those are real red bricks you are seeing there.  I’m pretty sure this house is bigger than my first apartment in NYC.


Your Royal Dog House Sir – You won’t believe it but this house costs almost $5000!  Yes, it’s true.  If you want a house inspired by Genghis Khan then you’ll have to fork over the cash.


Another Georgian Style home – This scaled-down brick Georgian is a masterpiece of fool-the-eye invention, starting with the bricks. The faux masonry is actually individual pieces of 1/4-inch Lauan plywood, covered with a textured terra-cotta paint. – via This Old House


The Puppy Palace – this is the most expensive dog house we’ve come across.  At a whopping $417,000 whatever dog resides in her better be thanking their lucky stars.   You can read up on this house here.


Mexican Style – Setting you back $25,000-$50,000, it’s available from Beyond the Crate.


Paris Hilton Dog House – Paris decided to team up with interior designer Faye Resnick to build her many dogs a house, she included every amenity.  Check out the details here.


A Miniature Masterpiece Craftsmen House –  Carpenter Mark Jolliffe, who with his brother, Dale, designed and built the canine constructions featured in the article 5 Doghouses Crafted in Classic American Architecture, made his 8-year-old Shetland sheepdog companion a storybook Arts and Crafts bungalow.


Cave HouseScottie’s Fine Art Caves offers them starting at about $2,500 for a small cave.  You can read more about the house here.


Queen Anne House – With its intersecting rooflines, multiple gabled dormers, wraparound porches, and soaring turrets, a Queen Anne is the most over-the-top of Victorian-era styles. – via


House of the First DogSustainable Pet Design and several of its suppliers created Summa Canum (Latin for “top dog”) to promote eco-friendly pet construction.  This house was inspired by President Obama’s dog press coverage. Check out more info here.

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