10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Weimaraner


The weimaraner is a breed that is friendly, outgoing and really good at what it’s been bred to do. This is why so many people love to have a dog like this in their lives, and it’s why so many people are so into having dogs in general. This particular breed, however, is really special. It’s a beautiful dog with a very unique look to it, and it’s one that gets along very well with other breeds. It’s playful by nature, but highly intelligent, and it makes a great addition to just about any family that’s ready to take on a dog. No family should ever make the commitment to adopt or purchase a dog they are not willing and able to care for. If you are not 100% committed to taking care of this animal for the rest of its long life, you should not get a dog and just hope that things work out for the best. It’s a commitment that should not be taken lightly by any means. And we have some fun facts about the weimaraner you may not already know.

They’re Music Video Stars

Back in 1988 a band called New Order used a famed artist’s portrait of his weimaraner in one of their music videos. It was a video that made the dog even more popular than it had already become, and many people fell in love with the beautiful dog in the video. It helps to make the dog a more household favorite, and more and more of them were adopted and purchased from this.

They Are Extremely Attached

This is a breed often referred to as a Velcro. The dog has a reputation for being very close to its owners, and it’s one that absolutely wants to be on top of the owners at all times. It’s a dog that has a lot to offer, but it is one that you should know will be on you at all times. It wants to be as close as possible, hates being away from its owners, and will become very attached to you the second you walk through the door.

It’s a “New” Breed

The weimaraner is a breed that was developed by an English man in the early 1800s. it might sound pretty old to you, but this makes the breed fairly young to you, but this makes it one of the younger breeds in comparison to dogs that have been around for many years prior to the introduction of these dogs. It’s funny how being more than 200 years old is considered young in dog years.

It’s a Former First Dog

President Eisenhower had a weimaraner. Heidi was her name. Heidi was a beautiful dog, but she did not last long in the White House. She was sent off to live in the President’s home in Pennsylvania because she had a little accident on a very expensive, historic rug that was located in the White House. While we are sure other dogs have done some naughty things in the White House, poor Heidi had to go away.

William Wegman Contributed to Their Fame

The famed artist makes beautiful art work that portrays this breed. He had one of his own. The art work created by Wegman is very popular and it made people love the breed even more than they already did. The time in which he spent creating works of art using this breed was more than 40 years, and one of his works was even used in a famous music video in the late 1980s.

The Arrival of the First

It was 1929 when the first weimaraner was brought to the states, and it did not catch on. It took a while before the rest of the country felt that this breed was worth a second look. In fact, it wasn’t until after World War II that the breed really caught on. We have no idea why the breed did not catch on for such a long time, but it seems that it has since caught on and is now a much more popular breed.

They are Fast

This is a very fast breed. It is one that can run at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. It was designed as hunting dog that chases big animals that are also quite fast, so they have to be quick. There are very few other dogs that are nearly as fast as this particular breed, and it’s because they were designed to catch the animals that are faster than other animals.

Grace Kelly Had One

She was given one as a wedding gift when she married the Prince of Monaco. The breed is one that she was very happy with and the dog was hers for a long time. To some, the gift of a dog might seem a bit surprising at a wedding, but it was not. The Princess was already a famous actress and she was marrying a prince; what else do you get as a wedding gift?


The weimaraner has a very cool nickname. This dog is called the grey ghost because of its beautiful coloring. The American Kennel Club only recognizes those who have a grey coat, and it’s said that it must be smooth and sleek. And this is a dog that does not disappoint. Its beautiful coloring and its shiny coat make it among the loveliest dogs in the world – it’s hard not to fall in love with something so beautiful.

Blue Coats are Bad

According to the AKC, any weimaraner with a blue color coat is considered defective, and it is not allowed to compete in any shows. It’s something that many people don’t care about since they aren’t raising this particular dog so that they can compete, but they do love the color. It’s a beautiful breed. Just know that if you plan on raising these dogs for competing in shows, you certainly do want to have one that has a blue coat as they will not be considered as competitors. They’re ‘defective,’ but pretty.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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