10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Dalmatian


It’s the dog that accompanies fireman and it’s one that also has a movie of its own as produced by Disney; what else is there to know about the Dalmatian, right?

Well, this is actually a dog that has a lot of interesting tidbits, facts and information, and it’s a dog you should make sure you learn all about before acquiring one of your own.

We don’t say that because this is a bad dog to own or because it makes a poor pet. We say this because all people looking to own any breed of dog should learn as much as they can and as much as there is to know about the breed before making the decision to bring it home.

Becoming a dog owner is a big responsibility. It’s something that you have to do for the rest of your dog’s life, and it is something that you will find is a big commitment. Being a dog owner is not for the faint of heart.

And all dogs are created different. You will not find one breed that is overly similar to another. The Dalmatian is beautiful, friendly, and wonderful and it’s also a dog that you should learn more about before getting one of your own.

We can help you learn a few important things about this breed before bringing one home so that you know for certain this is the best breed for you and your family.

1. They are Active

The Dalmatian is a very active breed. This is something you have to know before you decide this beautiful breed is right for you. It might be, but it might not be right for your current living conditions. For example, if you have an apartment and no yard, this is probably not the dog for you since it needs a lot of energy and somewhere it can run and play and be as active as it can.

2. Inactive Dogs Cause Trouble

When you have a dog that is cooped up all day long for more hours than necessary while you are at work, out and about or whatever, it can become troublesome. The issue is that this active breed becomes bored when inactive, and it might look for something to do to keep it entertained. And sometimes dogs find things they find entertaining that you find anything but entertaining.

3. They Might Become Fear-Aggressive

When the Dalmatian is scared, it might become aggressive. It’s not aggressive by nature, but it is a breed that does have a little bit of an issue with fear aggression. What this means is that it can become terrified and scared and bite or react out of fear without considering the fact that it shouldn’t in all situations.

4. They’re Very Friendly

These are beautiful dogs, and they’re very friendly. What this means for you is that you’re going to garner a lot of attention with a dog like this on your side. Walks tend to become longer than you might expect because others want to stop and chat and hang out with you, and people will really slow you down. Even if they don’t want to talk, the dog might want to check them out.

5. They Need Consistent Training

As soon as you get a Dalmatian puppy home, you will need to begin the training process. This is a dog that needs to be trained right away. It has a big personality, and this means that it is a dog that might have some issues throughout the process. It likes to make its own decisions, it can be a bit stubborn, and the best issue for this is consistent, early training.

6. They Require a Special Diet

Not all Dalmatians will suffer from something called uric acid, but many do. What this means is that your dog might find that it has some issues thanks to having too much protein in its diet. Your vet might just recommend that you feed your Dalmatian a very special diet to ensure that this is as small a chance as possible in your dog’s life.

7. They’re Great with Older Kids

While this is a beautiful breed, it’s not as gentle or good with small kids as it is with older kids. We discussed earlier the issue this dog has with fear aggression, which is something small kids with grabby hands can cause your dog to experience. Older kids make great companions for this breed, so you should keep that in mind before you bring one home to your new baby.

8. Early Socialization is an Absolute Must

This particular breed needs very early socialization. It should be socialized with kids and adults and other animals to ensure that it gets along well with all of the above. Frequent trips to the park, play dates with other people, kids and dogs are going to do wonders for this dog and its personality, and that is what is going to make it more enjoyable and more easily adjusted as it grows up.

9. They’re Often Deaf in One Ear

This is something very common for the Dalmatian breed. It’s called unilateral hearing, and it affects many of these dogs. While this might scare some and make them wonder if this abnormality will affect its behavior as a pet, it’s not. It’s a very common occurrence, and it does not affect the Dalmatian’s ability to be a good pet, a good listener or a sweet companion.

10. They Could Become Barkers

Earlier we discussed the fact that this is a breed that can have a few issues if it’s left inactive for a long period of time. One of those issues is the fact that they could develop a rather irritating and unfortunate barking issue. Whether the dog is trying to tell you that it’s bored and needs some more activity or attention or it’s just trying to call for help is unknown, but many suggest that this breed is prone to becoming very loud with the barking if it’s left to its own devices too often.

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