10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Goldendoodle


Goldendoodles are adorable, and that makes them difficult not to love. They are some of the most beloved ‘designer’ dogs in the world right now. What that means is more people than ever before have taken goldendoodles and made them their own, making them a more common pet every single year. Since the goldendoodle is a fairly new breed, however, there are many who are still unsure how to properly care for their dog.

Do they care for this breed as they would a golden retriever or a poodle? The hybrid situation makes it a little confusing for many, but that’s all right. We have some suggestions that will make it far easier for you to care for your goldendoodle so that your entire family is happier and more productive.

1. Puppy Proof Your Home

The most important thing you can do to take care of your new goldendoodle is to puppy proof your home. This is just as much for you as it is for the dog. You might not want your new goldendoodle to spend time chewing your Manolos, but you also don’t want him to get into anything that might harm him.

This means cleaning up the cleaning supplies and locking them up, keeping certain plants out of the house, removing small items your dog might choke on. There are so many things to do to puppy proof a home for a dog, and it’s better to get started earlier rather than later.

2. Train Your Dog Immediately

Caring for a new dog means teaching him to behave properly in your home. It’s not a good idea to wait to train a dog at all. It is something you begin right away when you get him or her home, and that goes for your goldendoodle just as much as it goes for any other dog in the world.  This is a dog that requires knowing what is expected of him or her, and training is essential to raising a happy, healthy dog.

3. Make Sure Your Pup Has Toys

It’s fundamental, but often forgotten by new dog owners. Your dog needs to have something to do when you bring him home and you are unable to play with him or her. He also needs you to have toys available so you can all play together. Your dog needs toys. Goldendoodles are like any other dog, so they will be fine with all types of toys provided they keep him busy and allow him to have a good time playing.

4. Spend Quality Time with Your Pup

Taking care of a goldendoodle is about far more than just keeping your dog alive and healthy. It’s about creating a bond with your dog, showing him love and making sure he feels like an integral part of the family. This is important; don’t forget to spend time with the dog. Play, walk, cuddle; it’s all very important to making your dog feel at home and comfortable in your family.

5. Create a Working Schedule for Walks and Feeding

Don’t you feel much better when your life is scheduled? I know that in our household, we thrive on schedule. We have no problem breaking it when it suits us, but we like to have a plan for the day, a schedule, and expectations. With four kids, it’s necessary. It’s also necessary with a dog in the house. Your goldendoodle is going to appreciate your schedule, especially as it pertains to his feeding schedule and his walking schedule. He needs to know when it’s time to go out and when it’s time to eat to feel comfortable.

6. Talk to Your Vet

Your vet is your new best friend when you have a goldendoodle. He or she is your new favorite resource. Your vet is going to see your dog, check him or her out and help you come up with a diet, check for good health and ensure that you are doing all that you need to do to ensure your dog thrives. You can call your vet with questions, for help and for suggestions at any time, and he or she is happy to help. It’s one of the best things you can do for your goldendoodle, too.

7. Be Consistent

Dogs, believe it or not, appreciate it when you are consistent. When you allow a goldendoodle to get away with things today that he gets in trouble for tomorrow, it confuses him. He needs you to be able to consistently train, discipline and love him. He needs patience and understanding, and it is your job to provide those things. Our suggestion is that you be as consistent as possible to ensure your dog thrives.

8. Be Gentle

Goldendoodles aren’t small dogs, but they’re not mastiffs, either. Be gentle with your dog, and encourage your kids to do the same. We know it is easier said than done to convince a child to always be gentle with an animal, but they learn by example. That means you need to lead by example in this instance.

9. Get Active

Dogs love to go out, walk, run and live an active lifestyle. The goldendoodle is certainly no different than any other dog in this aspect, which means you need to get out and get active with your dog if you want to properly care for him. This works on several levels. On one level, your dog is being cared for properly when you allow him to be active and provide him with the kind of exercise he needs to maintain good health. On another level, your dog is also helping you get active, fit and healthy in the same manner. Embrace this, and work it.

10. Socialize Your Dog

Goldendoodles are very friendly dogs that love to make new friends, play with kids and enjoy their time with their loved ones. However, they are always far better behaved when they are allowed to spend time socializing when they are young. Dogs require socialization so that they can learn to behave in different settings, around others and so that they are comfortable with people they might not know.

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