15 Dog Breeds That Don’t Need Any Exercise


The good news about dogs is that they have this insane way of keeping you feeling good and looking good. When you have an animal that needs to be walked frequently, it’s nice to have one that will get you up and motivated so that you can both get – and stay – healthy together. But not all dogs are the exercise queens we like to think they are. Some dogs are a little less high-maintenance and not so needy in the exercise department.

If you’re looking to own a dog that doesn’t require too much work in terms of exercise, we have some suggestions for you. These breeds require just a bit less exercise than others.


1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is my favorite little dog of all time, and I just think that they are perfect in every way. They are very quiet and affectionate, and they prefer light playtime to actual exercise. They’re small and they do not love too much to walk all the time.

What they do love, however, is to spend their time doing what they love the most, which is sitting with you and relaxing. Some time playing in the yard and some short walks will be perfect for this particular breed.


2. Pomeranian

This is not the kind of dog that is going to demand long walks and ample time outside. It’s going to demand that you sit down and let him have a space in your lap, however. That’s how this particular dog works best and that’s what you are going to find is what works for you and your family.

english bulldog

3. English Bulldog

This is a very sweet dog, but it’s not one that requires much in the exercise department. What you will want to do with this particular dog is take it on a few walks now and again, but not worry too much about the fact that it’s not overly into working out. It wants to play and rest, and that’s just fine.

boston terrier

4. Boston Terrier

This sweet little dog makes for a great companion in an apartment because it’s not so active. It’s great to have around, but it’s not going to care that you haven’t a huge backyard or fenced in area for him to run around. He just wants to use the bathroom and go back home for a nap. That’s a lot of work, you know.

5. Bassett Hound

All this gentle and very friendly dog wants in terms of exercise is some time to play with your kids, and perhaps some time to play in the yard. It only wants to take short walks, nothing too strenuous. It’s a lazy dog that prefers to relax than do much else other than play with kids. This dog is great with kids.

great dane

6. Great Dane

They are big, friendly and very lovable. But they really do not require much in the exercise department. This is not to say they won’t love and enjoy some time in the great outdoors, but they’re not the kind of dogs that are overly anxious to get outside and get active on a regular basis. They’re just fine sitting inside and being active on their own time, which means that you will need to play indoors, outdoors and only on occasion.

french bulldog

7. French Bulldog

They’re lap dogs all the way. They’re lazy and low-energy and don’t want you bothering them for a long walk all the time. In fact, they’d much rather spend their time with you in the house taking a nice nap rather than outside doing anything else. A short walk when they need to use the bathroom is pretty much all you need to worry about with this particular dog breed.


8. Pug

Because this is a breed that does not do well in heat or humidity, indoor play sessions are often recommended. They do love a good walk when you are in the mood for one, but this does not mean much.

You can take them on one long walk a week or only on the weekends and they’ll be just fine. Otherwise, they love to play and run through the yard. Just remember, however, it might be better for them in the morning and evening when it’s not so hot.

old english sheepdog

9. Old English Sheepdog

These are dogs that do love the play and have fun, but their exercise levels are low. They don’t require much of it at all, and that is kind of a nice thing about these dogs. They will have a great time playing inside and being very relaxed with you. Just remember not to allow yours to become too sedentary since it’s clearly not a good idea for any dog not to be active and engaged.


10. Bull Mastiff

This big, brutal looking dog really doesn’t require much in the form of exercise. It’s a huge animal, and it prefers to rest. Moderate walks and light play in the yard make them very happy, but too much overdoes it for them. Remember that their knees and joints suffer from all that weight, so resting is usually a preferred method of quality time with you for these animals.


11. Bulldog

If you love to jog, this is not the dog for you. This dog loves to spend time with you, but it does not love to walk or jog long distances. It’s out of breath very easily and it’s a little bit lazier than you might assume. Some shorter walks, time in the yard catching the ball or playing with the kids is all it really takes to make this dog quite happy.


12. Chow Chow

These are dogs that are very protective of your family, but not very good with strangers. They do require exercise on a daily basis, but they prefer to do this in their own yard away from people and animals they are not familiar with. Letting them play on their own is all it takes. Additionally, you will find that your dog is happy to be inside where you can play nice games with him that also include air conditioning. These dogs do have ample fur.

shih tzu

13. Shih Tzu

These are not completely lazy dogs. They have a big personality and required a lot of activity since they do have so much energy. However, they are also dogs that don’t have to worry too much about things like long walks. They’re much happier when they can run free in the back yard. This means you’re not going to spend all your time walking them since they will run around happily.


14. Pekingese

They’re lovable and very cuddly, but they also prefer things like spending their time in the great indoors. They’re known as being good apartment dogs since a nice walk on occasion or a play session at home is all they need to keep them happy. They love to be active, but they are not so active that you cannot get them have fun and sit still when you need them to.


15. Greyhound

They’re sleek and gorgeous, but they are not known for being overly energetic. These dogs are well-known around the world for their complete laziness, and they are often referred to as couch potatoes. It’s not to say that your dog doesn’t need exercise, just that your dog won’t want or need as much as other breeds. It can’t just sit around all the time, however.

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  1. I have to disagree on the Boston Terrier one and wonder if the author has ever owned one… Yes, they are loving and want to please their owners and no, they don’t care how big your yard or home is. Yes, they love to take naps BUT I assure you that pooping isn’t the only thing they care about. They do have a lot energy and while you can toss a ball in your home or small back yard and they can and will be happy. You have to provide it exercise so that you can keep the little guy/girl in tip top shape. I have had three Bostons in my life and never have any of them been more content laying around than running and playing with you or their pals. Super cute article though.

  2. Shorter version: Toy/small breeds can get all the exercise they need inside the house, but a yard is nice; Larger breeds should have a yard just or they’ll break your lamps trying to expend energy, and walks don’t suffice. We have two miniature greyhound girls and two big retired greyhound racer boys. We just have a quite small back yard but the two racer boys still make a joyful 40+mph arc back and forth across it a few times almost every day. Those arcs are devoid of grass as a proper racetrack should be.

  3. Fail to take your Bassett on longer walks at least a few times a week and you will have a fat Bassett, and perhaps a propensity for back trouble. Bassetts need exercise as much as most other dogs.

  4. All lovely breeds but I disagree with regards to Bassett hound & the Old English Sheepdog. Bassetts are pack animals, bred to follow a scent. Without nice long walks you will have a chubby & unhealthy Bassett. Sheepdogs are herders, not couch potatoes!! For the record, I have a Golden Retriever, a collie & a whippet (who loves her long walks on mild days!)

  5. ALL dogs need exercise ! Even small and toy breeds . My Yorkie is still raring to go after our two mile brisk walks with my Cairns. And exercise is good for the owners as well !

  6. I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis who have a large backyard to run in. They take turns chasing each other jumping over hurdles and ’round and ’round. They’re not walkers because they are over protective and won’t let another dog near them within 30 feet.

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