20 Cute Pictures of Dogs Enjoying Baths


Dogs love the water, and they like to make that well-known. Seeing a soaking wet dog with a blissful expression on his face is enough to make you want to laugh, and that’s how most of these dogs are going to make you feel with their hilarious expressions. Happy to be the tub, some want their privacy and feel that we are interrupting their enjoyment. Others seem a little less than thrilled to be in the water at the moment, and it’s making us giggle. Thank us later, but go ahead and take a few minutes to amuse yourself with these 20 hilarious dogs in the bath.

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Am I Dead? Is This Heaven? 

This is a dog that is clearly loving his moment in the tub. The water sluicing over his head, the gentle hold of his owner by the jaw; it’s all pure happiness for this pup. How much do you wan to bet that this animal is the kind of dog that makes it a point to get as messy and dirty as possible when he’s outside just so that his owners feel the need to bathe him so he can enjoy this type of happiness right here? He’s sneaky, no?

Photo by Reddit


It’s a Tough Life

Pugs are by and far some of the cutest dogs around, and this one is no exception to the rule. Loving bath time, this pug is in his happy place. Don’t try and tell him anything different, either. He loves life and where he is at the moment, and you’re not going to stop that. Why we are surprised, however, we don’t know. It’s not like dogs are cats and hate being wet. They love to get wet and messy and end up clean and delicious afterward.

Photo by Reddit


I’m Not Sure I Love It 

I like the bath, but have you seen my hair! I cannot go out like this. What if my friends see me? Do you have no shame? Where is the hair dryer? Someone go get that windy machine and fix my hair. this is not a good look for me. Well, that’s what we imagine that they are saying right now since we know how much dogs love being in the water. Pups, worry not; no one looks flawless when they first exit the shower.

Photo by Flickr


You Missed a Spot 

I’m not getting out of this tub until you clean my beard. You missed a spot. Any while you’re at it, perhaps you want to go ahead and get the rest of me again, too. I’m not going to say you did a bad job, I’m not. All I’m saying is that if you wanted to wash me a second time while I enjoy the water on my body, I’m just not going to argue with you about it. I’m not. I’m going to be okay with things like that, and I’m going to let you enjoy.

Photo by Reddit


We are Never Getting Out

Why have we been playing outside all day long when this has been right here the entire time? We are never getting out, you know! Ever! You cannot make us. These dogs have found their happy place and they are not leaving. Their excitement over the bath seems to have nothing to do with how dirty they are and everything to do with how much fun they’re having in the water, and we cannot lie when we tell you that they are darn cute in the process. What a couple of darlings.

Photo by YouTube


There’s Not Enough Room for All of Us

Perhaps these dogs do love a good bath time gathering, but they’re all quite large animals and it appears that this is just the kind of average tub most people have in their guest bathrooms. I guess this means that these dogs are a bit cramped. And judging by the appearance of the water, they were a bit dirty, too. It appears none of them is overly thrilled with the fact that they are bathing in one another’s filth. What’s a dog to do?

Photo by Reddit


You Looking at Me? 

You might think that this is hilarious, but I’m cute. Don’t you look at me like that, you hear? I’m a cute dog and I like the bath, and I’m not getting out of here. So you can stop your staring and move on. I’ll get out when I’m good and ready to get out, you hear me? I think that I love this dog and his clear opinion. The look on his little face screams, “I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll mess you up if you think for a second you’re getting me out of this water, human,” and it makes us happy.

Photo by Reddit



This is a dog that looks like he might not mind the water so much, but he has a problem with it on his head. The other dog looks as if it loves being in the tub and he is mad that the water’s been turned off and he has nothing left to do. Either way, however, they are a couple of cute dogs with a lot to offer in terms of entertainment in the tub. Can someone make a video of the dog on the right as he is getting a bath? We have a feeling it might be one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen.

Photo by Reddit


This is Exciting Stuff, Guys!

Look at the dog on the far right and tell me he’s not so excited to be in the tub he cannot even stand it. While his friends don’t seem to mind the tub, this little guy looks as if he’s going to have a major breakdown with the excitement he’s feeling being in the water. Of course, that’s not something we mind all that much. He’s cute enough that we want to grab him and bring him home and show him our swimming pool. Talk about an excited dog.

Photo by Flickr


A Little Modesty, Please? 

Here’s a dog that probably has no issue being in the limelight, but he appears to have an issue with his goods being in display. But who can blame him? They’re his private parts, and he does not want the world to see them. I can read his mind right now, “If you even think for a second that you’re putting this photo on social media and everyone is going to see my bits and pieces, you are sadly mistaken.” He’s just not standing for yet another naked puppy photo online. He has rights.

Photo by Instagram 


Is the Hat Necessary? 

At the moment, this dog hates her owners. she is not thrilled with the shower cap. The shower, yes. The cap, not so much her thing, if you cannot tell by the look on her little face. And what is the point of the cap? To keep her fur dry? Because someone is going to need to find this dog and entire body bag if they want to keep it dry. Or here is a thought; don’t put the dog in the tub in the first place if you’re looking to keep her dry.

Photo by Reddit


I’m Afraid to Like It!

She’s not sure she likes it, but she’s not sure she hates it, either. Those eyes say it all. “Well, it’s not so bad, but you’re not going to leave me alone in here, right? I prefer to keep some company when I bathe. Additionally, I’m not sure I’ll be able to reach behind my ears all that well, so if you could just stay in here with me….” she’s saying. Or maybe the water is too cold. Yes, that’s the look of, “OMG. Why didn’t you turn the heat on?”

Photo by Flickr


It’s Shocking 

These dogs aren’t sure they feel what’s happening right now, but they also don’t seem to hate what’s happening. The dog on the left seems uncertain about the water. The dog on the right seems terrified to move. But guess what? I bet these two get done with their baths and realize that they love it more than anything they’ve done all day long. These are some sweet dogs, and we like that they seem to have some enjoyment going on here behind all the fear and terror in their eyes.

Photo by Flickr


Twice the Sweetness

These two are happy to be in the tub posing for photos. And what a sweet bubble bath. The only thing missing here is a puppy and a toddler to make it as cute as it could possibly be. Double the trouble is what people like to say, but I’d bet that these two are not trouble at all based on their sweet expressions and their seeming happiness at being in the tub. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Photo by Reddit


Where is the Love? 

These dogs do not seem to love the tub. But what I think is funny is their expressions. The one on the left is actually a little terrifying, and the one on the right makes me laugh. I find that quite humorous considering I’d run in fear from the smaller and less terrifying of the two based solely on the way they look when they are soaking wet after a bath. Either way, they’re less than happy right now.

Photo by Flickr


No…I did not get Dirty on Purpose…

Liar. This is the expression of a dog that went outside and looked for the messiest puddle and the biggest disaster it could find for the sole purpose of rolling around and having a good old time so he could have a bath. The lack of eye contact. The shamed tilt of the head downward. The expression of what he wants us to believe is regret but is actually delight seeing as how he got exactly what he wanted…this is a dog that did bad on purpose so tha the could have his way. Nicely played, pup; nicely played.

Photo by Reddit


Um, I don’t Know…

This pug is either unsure about the whole bath thing or upset because he sees the swiffer wet jet next to the tub and he thinks that means he’s got some cleaning to do when he’s done. Since dogs usually love the bath, we think he might be a little worried that the cleaning duties are on him. That’s all right, though; he’s got this. He’s a dog that can make anything happen without fear or worry. And he’s going to love his bath.

Photo by Reddit


The Picture of Perfection 

This dog clearly loves the tub, even though this is probably just a photo prop. What a sweet puppy, though. All comfortable and happy being in the tub and being photographed in all his adorable puppy-ness. I’d love to see this one in a real tub taking a real bath. Something tells me this little guy would make an epic mess and enjoy every single second of the water going all over the bathroom. Let’s not forget the bubbles, either.

Photo by Getty Images


I’m Cold 

This is probably one of the cutest dog expressions we’ve ever seen. This little guy is obviously quite unhappy with the fact that he’s got someone to answer to, and that’s why he’s looking like this. That expression, that wet fur; he wants a towel and he wants it now. Although, it could go the other way, too. He could just want to be left alone with his bath without worrying about looking picture perfect for photos he does not want to take in the first place.

Photo by Jayde Aicman


What’s Up? 

Aside from my hair, that is. You like it? I think I’m going to keep this for a while. It’s an easy look to try in the tub, and I think I’m going to see about some extra hold gel and some of that hairspray that made my people look like members of a hardcore rock band back in the 80s. If that stuff can keep their hair that big, it’ll help me keep my  new style looking good.

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