20 Dog Breeds Most Likely To Survive an Apocalypse


With the constant threat of an apocalypse thanks to things like disease and potential alien attacks and everything in between, there are a few people that really do worry hardcore. If you’re one of those people who are constantly worried that the world will end before you are ready for this to happen, don’t be alarmed. There are more of you than you might think. While you’re prepping your bunkers and preparing all the food and water you might need for an undetermined amount of time, we can help you ease your fears about the dogs of the world. They’re man’s best friend, so you don’t want to see anything happen to them, and that’s why you can absolutely rest assured that these 20 breeds are so strong they’ll survive the apocalypse.

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st. bernard

St. Bernard

If the world were to become very cold and desolate, we think that this is a breed that would do a great job of hanging out and making it to the end. These are dogs that really do have what it takes to survive. They’re large enough that predators might not want to mess with them, and they’re smart enough that they can care for themselves without letting anyone or anything else get in their way and mess with them in the least.

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These are dogs that have a bad rap, especially since they really are such friendly animals. However, give them the end of the world and watch them adapt to what is now required of them in the world. These are dogs that are often very self-sufficient since so many of them end up without families and homes of their own. They end up living on the streets, caring for themselves and using their considerable intelligence to figure out how to make it through life without people to care for them.

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golden retriever

Golden Retriever

People like to think that these are dogs that are only good with people, but they are good in so many other manners. They are so smart and so friendly, so intelligent and so adaptable that it would not take long for this particular breed to learn what it takes to survive something like a world without humans. They’re smart dogs; they’ve got this in the bag when it comes to the potential apocalypse that so many people are terrified will occur.

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Labrador Retriever

These are dogs that have a very high level of intelligence. They are friendly and they are quite lovely, but that does not mean that they cannot take care of themselves if the world required that they did. These are survivors. These are dogs that will do anything they can to protect those to whom they are loyal, which would be their own families when the world ends. This means that they will do quite well in terms of survival.

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Think about how terrified humans are of these dogs, calling them aggressive and dangerous. If that’s the case for people who should actually know better, imagine what the breed must look like to other animals that certainly do not stand a chance in the least; probably pretty scary. That’s going to help them live a long time even after the people of the world are long gone.

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australian cattle dog

Australian Cattle Dog

They are smart and they are hard workers. What this means is that if there are no more humans around to care for these dogs, they’d probably be just fine without us. They’re not the kind of animal that relies on us to handle them. They just like that we make their lives a bit easier. On that note, they’re going to be just fine without our presence to make their lives a little bit more enjoyable.

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german shepherd

German Shepherds

These are dogs that are highly intelligent, very adaptable and very quick learners. And we think that this is exactly what it’s going to take for them to survive when the human race is gone. They’re big and beautiful, but they’re also such smart animals that they will very likely made it without any issues if the people of the world are unable to do the same. No worries here.

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These are dogs that love the water, so if anything happens to the earth and it decides it’s going to be underwater, these dogs are going to thrive. If that happens, they will be so happy to have a constant need to swim that they might not even realize that the humans of the world are no longer with them. It’s a nice thought if you have a Newfoundland and you worry that he or she might miss you in some way.

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Fila Brasileiro

These are dogs that were born to hunt big and wild creatures, and that will do well for them when the world ends and that’s all that’s left. Someone has to be around to make sure that the biggest and scariest animals around are able to kill all the dogs and smaller creatures, right? Why not this particular breed? They have what it takes.

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alaskan malamute

Alaskan Malamute

These are dogs that aren’t just pretty. They are very pretty, but they are also very smart, very adaptable and very likely to survive just about anything. They’re not going to miss people. They’re going to make the world their own, living in a happy peace that will make them feel pretty good about themselves. These are not dogs we have to worry about so much when the people of the world are gone.

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jack russell terrier

Jack Russell

Some people say that size matters, and while this is true in some instances, it’s not true in this particular instance. This dog has entirely too much energy and intelligence for anything bad to happen to it if the world were to end. I can assure you that this breed is going to end up ruling the world in every which way, and that’s because they just have more energy than anyone or anything else.

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Some people say that they’re not that smart. Others say that they’re not that fast. Others say that they’re probably not that good at caring for themselves. We disagree; we think that their stubborn nature and their enthusiasm will really make it quite possible for this particular breed to thrive with the humans gone. I think it’s safe to say that they’ve got this all kinds of covered. Good luck to these little dogs.

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Cairn Terriers

If for no other reason than the fact that they have the most durable coats of just about any type of animal ever, these are not dogs that will have a problem making it after the humans are gone. They can stay dry, warm, cool and everything in between. They’re like the epitome of dogs that will be survivors since they were built expressly for that purpose as it already is.

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mexican hairless dog

Mexican Hairless Dog

Not going to lie here; this is a dog so creepy looking that it will probably survive just because no one wants to mess with it. They’re not sure what it is, since it doesn’t look much like a dog. However, it’s this dog’s hairlessness that makes it possible for this animal to continue to live even though the people might one day be gone. These dogs have been around for thousands of years living through tropical heat without issue, and that will work well for them in the future.

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They’ve been around for, well, forever. That means that they’re probably not going anywhere just because the world might end. I mean, these are seriously strong and capable dogs. They have a great sense of enthusiasm, a great sense of intelligence and they are exceptional hunters. They’re not in the market to be gotten rid of anytime in the near future. They’re going to be around for a long time, that we are certain of.

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These are dogs that are agile, fast and exceptionally graceful. They’re also leaders. They are fearless and self-sufficient. They’ll probably do themselves a big favor and just take over the world when the people are gone. That means that the world will likely be in a better position than that of which it is currently in, if you want our honest opinion. These are awesome dogs with plenty to offer, and we love that about them.

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border collie

Border Collies

They are fast and agile, and they are smart. What this means for the breed is that nothing is going to stop them. Just let an alien attack try and take over these dogs and their quick thinking and quick feet. Our money is going with the border collie here. These are dogs that are made to work, run and survive, and that means they’re going to thrive even if you and I are not here to help them out in any way.

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They’re enthusiastic and happy, and they are intelligent. It’s hard to imagine a dog that has this much intelligence ever being overtaken by anything that has to do with aliens or the end of the world or anything that goes along with that. We think that this is a breed that will survive. The only issue is that there will be no one around to keep them groomed. Fortunately, they’re adaptable, so they’ll manage to find a way to keep themselves happy.

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This is a hunting dog all the way. Well-versed in hunting prey and caring for itself, this is a dog that does not need humans to help it survive. That means that an apocalypse that handles the human race is certainly not going to do anything to this dog. He will be around for a long time, there is no doubt about that.

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cane corso

Cane Corso

These dogs are strong and agile and that makes it difficult to believe that anyone will do anything that can cause them to lose their position in the world. They’re working dogs, hunters and they are very self-sufficient. We bet that this breed is good to go no matter what happens to the rest of the world.

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  1. Hello? without humans around to ensure that these dogs continue to reproduce only within their specific breed … in a few generations not one of these dogs will exist.
    Mongrel anyone?

  2. I would think that the breeds that are adapt at hunting and catching prey, have fur that is adaptable in cold, hot, wet, dry, have smaller heads that reduce birthing stress, have some kind of wild cross breed in the DNA, are intelligent, would survive the best. So what types of dogs have evolved these useful characteristics? Wouldn’t those characteristics have advantages? Q?: How adaptable are heavy massive powerful St. Bernards at catching quick fast agile prey? I would think, crickets, grasshoppers, worms, mice, rats, birds, snakes, squirrels, rabbits would be the most common food source for dogs. So work the calculation backwards from that. Oh, forgot…some dogs love grass and the seeds at the top of the stalks. I know mine does. And I would also think there would be massive amounts of cats. Have you ever been in an agriculture barn? Cats everywhere, and those don’t get fed. Cats would have less to overcome.

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