20 Dogs that Should Do Runway Fashion


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Ask Tyra Banks what it takes to become one of the world’s least top models and she will tell you that it takes confidence, grace and no fear. It takes a lot of makeup, a lot of practice and the ability to be ugly-pretty and different. What she won’t tell you is that you have to be a dog. But we think that these super fabulous dogs should have gone into fashion modeling. They were made for high fashion runways and there is just no getting around the fact that these are some seriously good looking dogs.

No one rocks a kilt and a sweater like I do, so get out of the way Gisele. 


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I know I’m gorgeous, and I know that I could rock a runway far better that Heidi Klum or Miranda Kerr. Puh-lease. 


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All it takes is a little cool factor, and dude, I’ve got that. 


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I was born red carpet-ready. 


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With a smile like this, Dior is going to hire me any day now. 


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I refuse to share the spotlight with…her. I want to walk alone. I work alone. 


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17 Seasons of binge watching America’s Next Top Model and I can smize with the best of them. 


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A real model can wear anything with confidence, even this elephant hat. 


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We’re jet setters and world travelers. Now where is our sparkling water in our diamond-encrusted travel bowls?


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I’ve got legs for days, and I’m the perfect height to walk the runway. 


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Being this good looking is hard work. That’s why I’d make a great model. 


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I perfected the sly over-the-shoulder stare before supermodels made it hot. 


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We’re ready for our close-up. 

I’m not touching Elvis over there. I’m not doing it. 


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You want me to give you sexy? Happy? Mysterious? I can do it all. 


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My smoldering eyes and my perfect bored model face are what you’ve been looking for your entire life. 


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I’m so camera ready it’s not even funny. Check me out, ladies. 


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They told me I’d never amount to anything, but look at them rolling in the dirt chasing sticks in the yard while I wear a three-piece designer suit and rock freshly ‘did’ hair. 


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Darling, haute couture has nothing on me. 


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With a coat like this, designers are dying to dress me. 


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We can mean mug like nobody’s business. We’re ghetto fabulous and ready to rock a Diddy fashion show. 


Photos by Bravotv

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