20 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs Wearing Crowns


People, as a whole, have this weird obsession with dressing up their dogs in strange clothes and making them parade around in public looking all kinds of silly. Why? I have no idea. I had a dog once, and I never felt the urge to dress him like a person. But even I have to admit that these dogs in their tiaras are so cute they make me want one of my own. Some of them look a lot less than thrilled with their tiara situation, but that’s neither here nor there. They’re having too much of a good time to care.

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These two look tutu pretty in their adorable tiaras and their great little homemade crowns, but we have to say that they might not look as thrilled with their ensembles as we might be. Oh well, though, since they do look cute.

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What I think we love most about this dog is the fact that he looks as though he has not a care in the world. It does not appear to bother him that he is wearing a giant pink tiara on his head, and that’s a testament to how manly this dog really is.

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This is officially the sweetest little dog of the day. Maybe she doesn’t look overly thrilled about what’s happening on her head, but she doesn’t look like she’s fighting it, either. Perhaps she’s resigned to the fact that she’s a dress up dog to someone.

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I’m pretty, I’m so pretty, pretty and witty and….what is on my head right now? I cannot believe that these people think that this kind of treatment is even remotely acceptable. That’s what is going on in the minds of these two dogs right this second. Complete and utter disbelief.

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If you can’t get the dog to wear the tiara and have a fun photo shoot, just go ahead and photoshop that on there. It seems like the next best thing.

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This dog looks so pretty in her flower crown that we just cannot help but love her a little more than we probably should. What a doll face, and what a great photo.

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Anyone else get the feeling that this little dog probably runs her household from day to day? With a dog like that in a bed like this wearing a tiara to boot, we get the feeling she may or may not be just a little bit of a diva dog.

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Listen, being beautiful is not easy. Just ask this dog in her tiara and all her glory. She knows that her life is as exciting as can be, but that does not change the fact that being this cute is certainly hard work like you would not believe.

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When forced to wear a tiara against your will, please feel free to take a nap. That’s what this dog did when he realized that there was nothing he could do about what’s happening to him.

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The doggie prom is not something we can honestly say we’ve heard of, but we can say that it’s an interesting concept. We do like that this dog seems to have won the title of queen of the puppy prom. She’s cute.

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There is a small chance that this dog is not crazy about what is apparently an interesting life it leads. But we think that it’s kind of cool to see just how interesting this dog really is. Let’s get things going in here and make it really exciting, she says. I’ll start by donning a tiara.

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Someone has too much time on her hands. Not only is this not insanely cute dog decked out in a tiara, but a wig. And pearls. and a dress. It’s kind of scary. This is why so many animals are terrified of people, and I understand their concern.

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Someone once told this dog that peering slightly to the side with a faraway expression in her eyes would make her appear more like a supermodel, and she has taken that advice to heart. It’s working for her, too.

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This dog is cute. There is no other word for it. This dog has the best hair and the best little tiara. And since it looks like a plastic tiara, we have to assume that a little girl probably put it on the dog, which makes it that much more exciting and fun.

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Who thinks this dog is either the queen of the Valentine dance or she is about to be the present to someone very special on a holiday? We love this dog and her expressive eyes, and there is a chance she should wear a tiara every single day. It’s cute.

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What this dog is thinking, “Why me?” It could be a female dog, but it looks too manly for a tiara and a tutu, but that does not stop it from looking all kinds of fun in the process.

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I know that this dog is the queen of her house, and I will tell you why. I have infant twins, and they had swing/bouncy chair combos, and this little bear was part of the decorative mobile that goes above the bouncy seat when it is attached to the swing. Someone took it from the baby and gave it to the dog.

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Please make this stop. Please. I’ll do anything. This is what I see being conveyed to the public in the eyes of this dog. He looks positively, downright upset about the fact that this is his current situation, and who can blame him?

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You try to tell me I’m not the queen of this dance and I will eat your face. Do you think that I’m even kidding? Does this look like the face of someone who is kidding? No, now don’t even think about messing with my tiara, people.

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This dog is resigned to the fact that this is his life, and he’s not even going to try and fight it.

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