The 50 Cutest Puppy Pictures of All-Time


Even the most obnoxious non-dog person will tell you that puppies are about the cutest thing that ever walked the planet. They’re tiny, adorable and they’re so cute that you just want to take them all home right now. With their big eyes, little noses and their tiny paws, it’s amazing that people get anything done in life with puppies around. Of course, everyone thinks that their puppies are the cutest, but we’ve scoured the internet and found the 50 cutest puppies around – and we’re certain you’re going to agree with us that these are some of the most beautiful little pups you ever did see.

Photo by Getty Images


Like a Doll 

Excuse me while I take just a moment to sit down and sigh – and stare. Could this adorable pup be any cuter? Doesn’t he just look like the saddest and most amazing little creature around? I just want to pick him up and cuddle with him, and turn that frown upside down. I mean, what could this little one possibly have to be upset about with a face like that and a fluffy little head that makes you just want to die of cuteness overload?

Photo by Imgur


Those Eyes

Those eyes; oh my goodness. Have you ever seen eyes so sad and so amazing in your life? If this puppy did not coin the term “Puppy Dog Eyes,” I don’t know which one did. And if there is more than one dog out there capable of pulling off this look, the world is doomed and no one will ever be able to say no again. I mean, this is the cutest puppy dog face we’ve ever seen, and it’s clear why this little one made the cut, right?

Photo by Imgur


Hilarious and Adorable

If there is one thing women love most in a pet and a man, it’s one with a sense of humor followed with complete adorableness. This little pup has both. His friend is pretty cute, too, but it’s this silly little expression that really just takes the cake for us. How can you resist this face when you know it’s going to keep you entertained forever and always for the rest of its existence?

Photo by Tumblr


A Polar Bear Pup

Holy cuteness. This puppy looks more like a polar bear than a pup, but no one wants to run the opposite direction from this little guy. No, they want to grab him and run when his owners aren’t looking just for a few hours of cuddling and love. What a sweetheart. Just look at that face; he wants to know why he’s standing there all alone and no one has bothered to come up to him and give him the big, warm hug that he clearly wants. I’m coming, puppy.

Photo by Imgur


Oh My Heavens

What’s more adorable than a puppy in a pile of balloons? Simple; a puppy in a pile of balloons that someone is giving to me as a gift because I must have this puppy. Must have this puppy; really, you do not even understand that I am crazy in love with this dog, and I’m not even a huge dog person. Don’t judge; I just like low-maintenance cats a little bit better. But oh my heavens; this is one cute puppy.

Photo by Imgur


Cutest Dog Ever? 

There is a big chance that this dog knew this pose would put him in the running for the cutest puppy ever, and he is totally right. Look how sweet! Don’t you just want to grab him and bring him home and make him part of your family? He’s almost as cute as a real live baby, and that’s a feat that not any puppy can accomplish. What a sweet dog. You can see the mischievous manner in his eyes, and you know he’s going to have a big personality.

Photo by Tumblr


Run, Forest, Run 

A puppy, a tongue, big eyes, a furry coat and a field in which the dog is hopping across with a look of sheer delight; life does not get any more adorable than this. Drink it in people, because it’s not going to get any cuter. What a sweet little pup, and we adore his little sweater. Can we have him? Can someone find me a dog that looks like this that I can bring home to my family, please?

Photo by Imgur


Double the Trouble

When you have something so insanely adorable, it only  makes sense to have two of them, right? Let me just tell you that as the mother of 1-year-old twins, we call it double the trouble for a reason. It’s not because they are trouble; they’re not. It’s because you’re in trouble as a parent with twice the cuteness, twice the love and twice the sweetness – it’s what will get you in the long run. Sorry to be the bearer of that cute news.

Photo by Tumblr


Stop It Now 

Stop. Seriously. Someone stop this right now. This is perhaps the most adorable little puppy (puppies) I have ever seen in my life. Look how happy and excited this little one is to be jumping around and enjoying his little life like that! I just cannot even describe to you how sweet this is. Don’t you just want to grab the bouncing pup and bring him home? These people clearly have two, and they only need one, right?

Photo by Imgur


Mine, Mine, Mine

I’m not talking about the toy this sweetheart is hoarding, either. I’m talking about this puppy. He’s all mine. Well, he’s not, but if someone wants to send him to me, I’ll take him with a smile and a heart filled with love. What a little darling. My daughter just walked into my office and told me that she wants this puppy for her birthday, and that she has decided she no longer wants to have her birthday in March. She wants to have her birthday today. So what does that tell you?

Photo by mypets


The Cutest Hitchhiker

Now here is a hitchhiker I think we can all agree we’d pick up in a heartbeat. Forget those crazy people with their thumbs out and their, “You’re about to enter a real-life version of Criminal Minds or CSI,” look. This is the world’s cutest little pup in need of a ride to get him out of traffic and into my house to become my pet. I’d name him Darlin’ with no ‘g’ so that it’s so southern and charming that he’d just come calling every single time I said his name. And that’s the honest truth.

Photo by Imgur


The Perfect Picnic

Three adorable puppies in a basket make for the world’s most adorable picnic, don’t you agree? What could be cuter than heading off the park with a blanket and a bottle of wine than these three cuties in tow ready to play and have a great time? Also, I wonder if sticking my kids in a picnic basket like such for a photo shoot would turn out this adorable or perhaps a bit creepy?

Photo by Imgur


May the Fourth be with You 

I have four beautiful children of my own, and that means I have taken a certain liking to the number four that means a lot to me. It also means that these four puppies seem quite perfect for me. Two pairs of pups a piece, and what looks like a public diner table on which they are resting. Aside from the cuteness these pups bring to the table (please, you knew I’d go there), I’d have to say that I think I’ll be cleaning my own tables in public from now on.

Photo by Instagram 


You’re My Best Friend

When Tim McGraw sang this song, he had no idea he’d be crooning a country tune for two adorable little pups not even close to being born just yet. What could be cuter than one napping puppy? How about one napping puppy lying happily atop another napping puppy and having just a grand old time in the process? I do love this pup, and all that he stands for; and that’s what really does mean a lot to us. Friendship and love are too important to ignore.

Photo by Imgur


Famous Pups

We all know who these sweet pups are, but how can you not love them regardless? Internet sensations they may be; and puppies they may not be anymore, but who cares? They are too darn sweet not to feel the overwhelming need not to add them tot his mix and make them even more famous than they really are. They’re best friends, even if their hair has nothing in common.

Photo by the CutestPaw


I Didn’t Choose the Pug Life

It chose me. But who cares, because look at this freaking puppy and his big, beautiful eyes? Have you ever, in your entire life, seen anything more adorable, sweeter or just plain fantastic as this puppy? And that sweater, to boot! I want this dog to come home and live with me because we have four females and only two males in our house, and they need someone with as much manly fashion sense as they to fit right in.

Photo by the CutestPaw


The Words Escape Us

Don’t ask, because I have no answer. Part of me is positive this is not even a puppy but some form of adorable hamster hybrid, but I’ve been assured that is a puppy. Do we really even care, though? The answer is no, because this is the most adorable little puppy rat hamster thing that we’ve ever seen. Those eyes. Those ears. That little tail; what could be more adorable? I’m pretty sure nothing; that’s what’s more adorable.

Photo by the CutestPaw


A Tea Cup Pup

When you think of a tea cup pup, you probably can’t even imagine something this adorable despite all your best creative efforts, and that’s all right. We get it. These are dogs that are too cute for even you to think up and imagine. Add the puppy to a little mug and suddenly what you have is the most adorable side of puppy you’ve ever encountered. It is so cute you’re going to forget to care that there is an actual animal in your dishes, which is actually a bit disgusting.

Photo by the CutestPaw


The Best Bus Riders

These adorable pups look like they’re exhausted waiting for the bus, so we’d love to just swoop right in and pick them up. Can we? Someone get my navigation system to explain to me where these dogs are located so I can go get them. My husband won’t be able to resist one of them, but I know he’s going to argue five puppies, so if I could have four friends come help me out, that’d be great. How cute!

Photo by the CutestPaw



Two sweet puppies sitting in…barn? K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes….you know what? I don’t even remember the words because it’s been so long since grade school. These sweet pups can kiss it out anytime they want if they’re going to continue to be this adorable in the process. If you think that they are in love, you should see just how in love the rest of the world is watching these two and their darling little love story unfold. It’s cute enough to make most of us forget they are probably siblings.

Photo by Tumblr


Oh; Just, Oh 

Get in my car and come home with me beautiful sad puppy. Those eyes have sucked my soul right from my body. How can anyone resist a face like this? I’m willing to bet the answer is that they cannot resist this face, and that this puppy probably gets whatever it wants, whenever it wants it without fail. Trust me on this; I have kids, I know that no one can resist a face like this. Put it on a puppy and it might even be cuter.

Photo by the CutestPaw


What a Hot Dog 

And this is the reason that people like me cannot eat hot dogs, but I’ll certainly take one now! At first glance, this puppy is just adorable. Then you realize that this puppy is barely, BARELY, larger than an actual hot dog and you suddenly cannot even remember anything other than how cute and how adorable it really is, and it’s something that you cannot deny.

Photo by Tumblr


We’re Cuter than You

It’s true; they’re cuter than me and you. They’re cuter than just about anyone and everything on the planet, and anyone that tries to argue that point needs glasses or some sort of mental check out. These are cute pups, and even pup-haters cannot deny the sweetness that is in this photo. It’s just two pups hanging out on a tree, being best friends all cuddled up together and sweet, and it’s just so cute I cannot even stand it for a second.

Photo by the CutestPaw


Be Still My Heart

Holy cuteness overload and mother of all things holy and adorable; this is the sweetest thing that anyone will ever see in their lives. This puppy is so small, so sweet and obviously so happy to be pet that it’s just melting my heart right this very second. Someone find out what this puppy is and let me know so that I can get one right now. I don’t even care if it grows up to be around 600 pounds and bigger than my SUV. I’m in love and that has blinded me to reality.

Photo by the CutestPaw


Strike a Pose

This little darling could not be any more adorable if it tried, but it clearly knows that it’s gorgeous. Look at that pose. Those eyes are narrowed just right to make it seem like this pup is in the middle of a high fashion photo shoot for some haute couture designer brand about to end up on the front page of a major campaign. Whatever this puppy is selling, we are buying.

Photo by the CutestPaw


It’s Tough being this Cute

When you are this adorable, life is rough. People just want to pet you and love you and adore you all day long. Who wants to bet that the line was out the door to adopt or purchase this dog from whomever it lives with, and everyone’s heart broke just a little bit when they were not chosen to be the new parents of this darling little sweetheart? A word of advice would be never to allow your children to see this photo.

Photo by Instagram 


It was Me 

I did it. I admit it. I’m the one that’s guilty of being adorable, cute and off-the-chain perfect. You know it. Look at these wrinkles and this massive little paws in comparison to my sweet little face and body. How can you not love this darling little face of mine, or my sweet features? I love everything about me and you should, too. So, yes, I’ll raise my hand and admit that I’m the guilty party for being so cute.

Photo by Tumblr


Make it Stop 

The sheer cuteness of this puppy is too much for us to handle. I’m certain my computer is going to explode out of sheer happiness and overwhelming feelings of love and affection at any given moment. In fact, my daughter is sitting here beside me right now and she doesn’t even believe that this puppy is real. That’s how cute this little darling really is. We can’t even stand how sweet this baby looks.

Photo by the CutestPaw


Too much Cute in One Photo 

We can all safely admit that this might be too much sweetness and too much cuteness in one photo. What a bunch of sweethearts. We will take them all, and we will fight anyone who wants to take them from us. Okay, we’re not taking these dogs, but we should. That’s how sweet they are. And this is a classic example of how I don’t understand how people can bear to say goodbye to their pups when they go to their new homes.

Photo by Tumblr


Too Much Puppy Sweetness

This is just too much in terms of puppy sweetness. Not only do these four pups fit right into the hands of the man holding them, they also make sure we know that they are sweet with that adorable little yawn, so perfectly timed to show the world that it is just a lot of work being the sweetest little puppies in the world. They have to be so close to brand new it’s not even funny.

Photo by the CutestPaw


You’re So Cute I Could Eat You 

Sometimes when my kids are being as cute as ever, I feel this overwhelming desire to just squeeze them as tight as I can, but I’m afraid that all my love would squeeze them so tight their eyes would pop out of their heads; so I’m gentle. This puppy gives a whole new meaning to the term, “You’re so cute I could just eat you up,” and it makes us giggle.

Photo by Tumblr


Being Cute is Tough Work 

This kind of cute does not happen every day but when it does, it’s just too much to handle. This sweetheart is clearly going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up if you take into account the fact that he is already breaking my heart right now. Why? Because he reminds me of a dog my husband and I had when we were first married more than a decade ago, and we do miss that little guy. This one might be even cuter, though.

Photo by the CutestPaw


So Many Wrinkles

Why is it that wrinkles are not considered attractive on humans, but they could not be more adorable on a puppy? I dread the day I find my first wrinkle, but this little guy could have a hundred more wrinkles and still be as adorable as ever. What a sweet puppy taking a sweet nap on what looks like really great floors, too. We just love him.

Photo by the CutestPaw


Someone Come Play with  me, Please? 

Who doesn’t want to play with this adorable little pup? We’re guessing it’s a Maltese and potentially a Poodle mix, but we could be wrong about that by a breed or two. But what really gets us is the sweet eyes, the darling white fur and the fact that this dog looks so resigned by the fact that all people seem interested in doing is taking photos rather than playing with him. We will play with you darling puppy.

Photo by Flickr


Hey, What’s Up? 

This puppy is barely a dog yet and he’s already got some serious game. Look at that expression; that confident pose. He’s ready to take on the world, and he has no problem doing so with this kind of confidence. What makes this sweet pooch so lovable and adorable is not just his sweet face, but also the fact that he just has the most amazing little personality that shines through. We can just tell.

Photo by Flickr


You Love Me, Right? 

You love me, right? Even though I’m laying on your bed even though we both know I’m probably not allowed to be doing that, you still love me and want to be my friend, right? Because I love you and I want to be your friend. Can we be friends? Can we be the bestest besties? I won’t lay on your bed again, I promise. Okay, I’m lying but you’ll forgive me.

Photo by Flickr


Can’t I Chew on my Toy in Peace? 

Can’t a furry pup just enjoy a little chew time without everyone all up in my business all the time? I mean, goodness; you people don’t seem to understand that I need my personal space and my time alone. I adore this pup, but I do wonder how often it’s going to need a bath with all that fur and all that grass that’s going to have to be removed from it every time he comes in the house. Oh well, though; he’s cute enough that it doesn’t matter.

Photo by Flickr


Run, Run, Run 

I love to run! Running is the best! Running makes me happy, and this sand is so nice and cool on my feet and that makes me want to run even faster and even more, so I’m just going to keep running and having a fun time because that’s what I do best! I love to run! This is going to make a great puppy for a family with a few cute kids that really love to run on the beach with the dog, you know.

Photo by Flickr


It’s Cold 

This pup might look as if he is groomed to live in the cold weather and the snow, but even with all that fur it’s still cold outside. I can see it in his eyes; he’s done using the restroom and getting in a little exercise and he’s ready to go inside where it’s warm and comfortable and he can lie down without feeling as if he is going to die of hypothermia in the process. We can’t say we blame him, but I can say that he probably wouldn’t last a day living with us in Florida.

Photo by Flickr


I’m So Happy

This puppy might be fast asleep, but whatever he is dreaming about is clearly good stuff. Look at the sheer happiness on this pup’s face and try to deny that he’s in a mood so good he can hardly stand it himself. What a sweet little darling. He’s so cute we can’t even consider anything other than just picking him up and hugging him close. This is the perfect puppy for a cuddle, right?

Photo by Flickr


I’ll Never Let Go

Unlike Rose and Jack, who swore they’d never let go, these dogs probably will not ever let go. Until someone brings in a few doggie treats and they suddenly realize that they’re not all that interested in spending more time hugging. In fact, these dogs look like they are such good friends (or siblings) that it would be impossible to split them up, ever. We just love them. I’ll take them both. What’s two dogs in a family of six, anyway?

Photo by Flickr


Take me Home!

This dog looks like he wants to go home with someone who has a big yard, a fence and a lot of fun things to play with. We bet he’d feel that you deserve bonus points if you have some small animals he can chase around the yard when he’s in the mood, too. It’s just one of those things that makes you feel good about your dog and your life, and he looks like the kind of dog that will make you feel good forever. He looks like a lap dog born to cuddle.

Photo by Flickr


Fuzzy Love

We all need a little something fuzzy and loving in our lives, and this pup seems to meet all the demands. What a sweetheart and an adorable little creature. I’m pretty sure everyone that sees this puppy on the internet is completely in love with it, and who can blame them? This pup is about the most adorable little thing we’ve seen all day long, and for a very good reason. Just look at that little face and try to deny the lack of sweetness going on here.

Photo by Flickr


I Don’t want to Get Out

Oh my goodness, just look at this little pup’s face. He loved his little bath and he does not want to get out of the tub! Who can blame him? He looks warm and cozy and completely relaxed, which means he clearly needs to spend a bit of additional time in here so that he can live it up a bit more. I’d  give this dog a bath every single day just to keep watching this adorable little face beg to stay put when the bath is over. It’s just too cute to ignore, right?

Photo by Flickr


You Know You Want Me 

We do want you little puppy, we do. My kids think that you are the cutest little thing they’ve ever laid eyes on, and I’m finding myself showing my husband this photo with the instruction to find you and make you ours. He doesn’t look thrilled (I have a bad track record with dogs), but one day we might decide that it’s really time for a puppy. It won’t be you. But we will always think of you and what could have been.

Photo by Flickr


Sweet Ears

Am I the only one that looks at this dog and thinks that someone should name him corn so we can refer to his ‘ears’ all the time? What a sweet dog and a wonderful little friend this little guy will undoubtedly make for someone’s family and children at some point. I just love this little darling and his sweet posture, his shaggy ears and his innocent expression. Just look at his sweet eyes and try and tell me you are not completely in love with this pup all the way around.

Photo by Flickr


Why So Sad Sweet Pup? 

Those sad eyes make me just want to reach right through the screen and take this dog into my arms and give him the kind of love and affection he clearly needs. While it does seem he’s got someone to love him, we can’t help but feel for this adorable puppy in that he is clearly feeling a bit of a lack of love despite his best efforts not to.

Photo by Flickr


Excited Even in Sleep 

Have you ever seen a dog look more excited than this sleeping pup? He’s so excited just to be asleep that he’s even making the excited expression in the midst of his apparently very sweet dreams. We love that about this pup. He’s got to be dreaming about some sort of amazing snack, doing some cool tricks for fun or having someone rub his belly with affection and love.

Photo by Flickr


That’s a Tired Puppy

This sweet puppy is so tired he fell asleep playing fetch with someone in the midst of catching the ball with his mouth. That’s actually quite impressive if you want to get into it, and we are not feeling to badly about the fact that he can get done what he needs to get done and still take a nap. I bet he wakes up the second someone tries to take that ball from him, though.

Photo by Flickr


Country Living is My Life 

A dog and the country makes perfect sense, don’t you think? This dog is just a pup, but we can absolutely see him eventually running fields with bigger animals, playing in the fields and riding in the back of the truck with nothing short of complete euphoria on his face, and that’s what we love most about this particular animal. His desire to cuddle his bear while still looking like a real country dog is so sweet.

Photo by Flickr


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