7 Things You Didn’t Know about the American Rottweiler

This large breed of dog, the Rottweilers, also known as Rotties, are in the top ten of most popular dog in the US. They are often used as guardian dogs due to their size, appearance, bark, and instinctive nature to protect their owner and family. Sometimes they get a bad rap, due to their potential for aggression, however, they are very loyal dogs, and can be very loving and affectionate. Raised right, these dogs can make great family pets. Rotties are very muscular dogs. They are very recognizable with their standard black and tan fur, and are highly trainable with their high level of intelligence. More than likely you have seen a Rottweiler at some point, and even if you are familiar with this breed, you may not a lot about them, so here are seven things you didn’t know about the American Rottweiler.

1. Possible heritage is of Ancient Roman dogs

There is always interest in where different breeds of dogs heir from. Each breed has its beginning and a how story of how they developed into what they are today. Although there is no real firm proof of the beginnings of the American Rottweiler, research has found that the there is a great possibility that these dogs descended from herding dogs used ins Ancient Rome. Down the line and over the years, this breed has migrated into a mirage of other jobs that they are well-known for.

2. Get a bad rap

Yes, these are large dogs and they do have the potential to be territorial and protective, but the basis of this breed’s personality is a loving and very gentle dogs. They love their owners, and they are protective of their home and family. Most of their individual personality’s come from how you raise them. Because they can be territorial, they do need lots of training and socialization in order to raise a well-behaved, well-balanced and happy Rottie. Despite their true demeanor of just being a lovable dog, the incidents that have happened through the years involving a Rottie, have caused great concern to many, including insurance companies who many now, will refuse to insure Rottweiler owners.

3. Great therapy dogs

This is a breed who is often used for therapy dogs. They are highly intelligent and very trainable, and they have the love of working. They want to be needed and put to task, so with all of their great qualities, many organizations train American Rottweilers to work with people of all types who need therapy dogs. They actually hold different awards for their work in therapy positions.

4. They gained their most popularity in the police force as K-9 dogs

One of the Rottie’s biggest claims to fame, and what really put them on the map was when Police forces began to use Rotties as a part of their K-9 units. Because of their build and stature, their strength, bark, agility, and ability to instill a bit of fear in criminals, they were enlisted to help Police forces do their jobs in capturing bad guys. They began showing up on forces as far back as the early 1900’s.

5. Popular breed among stars

Rottweilers have not only appeared in many movies as either extras, working along with the star character, but also have had major roles in films, too. They are just a breed that shines in the bright lights, but that’s not all they can claim in the movie industry. They are also known to be very popular pets among the movie stars and other famous people. You will often see popular stars photographs with their Rottweiler on social media, showing off their big baby to their fans. A few notable names who are known to have owned a Rottie, include, Bruno Mars, Will Smith, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

6. An American Rottweiler is the main character featured in a children’s book

A very popular children’s book, Good Dog, Carl, depicts the story of a big Rottie named Carl, who takes care of his human, Madeline. Although there are not a whole lot of words, there are plenty of pictures in the book that help tell the story of the two, and of all the adventures they go on together.

7. Used to herd sheep for soldiers

As the Roman empire grew, the soldiers needed a way to feed themselves and be sure they always had a supply of food with them as they marched on foot. They enlisted the help of the Rottweiler to herd livestock with them as they marched in order to make sure they never ran out of a meal. Herding is just one of many jobs Rottweilers love to do, and do well.

The American Rottweiler breed has so many good qualities that it is literally hard to find something that they are not capable of doing if they get the proper training.

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