10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Alaskan Klee Kai

If you really love dogs, you might have heard of a breed called the Alaskan Klee Kai. Perhaps this is the first time you’ve ever heard of a breed of this type. If that’s the case, it’s understandable, because there are not really that many of them in existence at this time. While there are a few breeders in the United States that specialize in this particular breed, you might have an easier time finding them if you’re close to Alaska, as they were first bred in that area. If you want to know more about them, you can find out 10 more interesting things about this fairly unique breed below.

1. They look a lot like a short Husky

As a matter of fact, they were specifically bred to look like a Husky but to be much smaller. The idea was to make them more manageable than their larger cousins. A lot of people confuse them with young Huskies because they have the same markings, but they’re not as tall. Therefore, this leads a lot of individuals to believe that the dog is nothing more than a Husky that isn’t yet fully grown.

2. They were originally bred in the United States

The dogs were first bred in the town of Wasilla, Alaska. To this day, that’s where you’re most likely find breeders, as they’re not routinely bred as frequently as a lot of other types of dogs. In other words, it’s not nearly as likely that you’re going to be able to find this breed just by casually searching around. If you want a dog of this type, you’re probably going to have to put in a little effort in order to find one.

3. This is a new breed, and hasn’t been around very long

Most breeds of dogs have been around for hundreds of years but this particular one didn’t get started until the 1970s. That makes them one of the newest breeds of dogs in existence. It also makes it somewhat less likely that you’ll find one that has a lot of health problems because they haven’t been bred as long as many other breeds like German Shepherds.

4. They were actually bred for a very specific purpose

The reason these dogs were bred was to be a companion animal for people, mainly individuals who are living alone. As such, breeders wanted many of the qualities of the Husky but they didn’t want the dog to be quite as independent and they certainly didn’t want them to be as large. Therefore, the dog is a mixture of the Husky and Schipperke, which was incorporated into the breeding in order to reduce their size.

5. These are very agile dogs

Given its breeding history, it probably doesn’t surprise you that these dogs are very agile, indeed. They enjoy being active and they make great exercise companions, as they enjoy having the opportunity to do something active while still spending time with their people.

6. They’re also extremely intelligent

There’s no doubt about it, these dogs are extremely smart. They know what’s going on and they pick up on things quickly. It doesn’t take them very long to learn something in training, but they do require a firm hand or they could get out of control fairly easily. Therefore, they are best suited for people that have experience raising a dog as opposed to first time dog owners.

7. They don’t have a tendency to bark a lot

If you live near others or you just don’t like to listen to a dog that barks all the time, this is a definite plus. These dogs don’t have a tendency to bark unless there is genuinely something that needs to be barked at. Overall, they’re fairly quiet.

8. However, they do like to talk

They do, however, enjoy “talking” to their people. While they don’t bark often, it’s not at all uncommon to carry on a “conversation” with them, with them answering in their own unique way whenever you say something to them.

9. They have a lot of energy

These dogs have a lot of excess energy, so it’s important that you spend time with them and incorporate some fun physical activities in order to keep them from becoming destructive. Otherwise, they might decide to entertain themselves and that might involve chewing on your furniture.

10. They have to be groomed frequently

They do have the coat of a Husky, so they have to be groomed on a routine basis. As long as you groom them, the hair is manageable but if you don’t, they end up shedding all over the place.

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