American Bulldog Puppies: 5 Tips for Taking Care of Them The Right Way

american bulldog puppies

American bulldogs are muscular and full of tenacity. They can keep going for ages, require plenty of exercise and can be very strong. If you live an active lifestyle and are athletic then this dog is probably a good fit for you. They are known for sometimes being difficult around people who they do not know well and it is vital with a young dog or puppy that you bond with them quickly and do as much as you can to get them to like and trust humans. Otherwise there could be problems down the line.

If this does not happen then there is a risk that they become overly aggressive, not the best trait in the world, unless you are looking for some sort of savage guard dog! This said, they can also be very loving. Take this as a sign to train your American Bulldog puppy well in the early days. If you do then you will be well rewarded. In this short article we take a look at five tips for taking care of your American Bulldog puppies.

Invest in some chew toys

It is completely normal for puppies to want to chew and it is good for their tooth development. However, this said, it can be a pain if they decide to chew their way through all of your possessions. Of course it is probably inevitable that you will lose a few things if you have a puppy. However, being aware of it is important so you can limit the amount that you lose. A good thing to do is to invest in some chew toys that the puppy can specifically use to chew on, mitigating the risk of having your other possessions chewed on. These toys should be non toxic and you must make sure that the puppy will not choke on it. Otherwise it can be very simple.

Make sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise

We already mentioned that American Bulldogs need a lot of exercise. well, this is the case when they are puppies as well as when they are older. When the pup is really young he will probably get enough exercise anyway for his size. A short walk should tire him out. However, when the puppy gets older more walks will be needed. It’s important for the puppy to not leave the house until all the vaccinations have been completed. Further, all exercise should be monitored and supervised.


It’s important to build a good routine for your puppy when it comes to grooming. It allows you to have a good look at him and for him to get used to you. Check the skin, coat, eyes, ears, teeth and tail. The nails may need trimming from time to time. This is an easy thing to learn how to do.

Feed Your Puppy the Correct Diet

It is very important that your puppy receives the right diet. The breeder who sold you the dog should be able to advise on how much and how often to feed the puppy. You should continue with the type of food that your puppy has had before gradually weaning it on to the food that you want to give it. Avoid any uncooked meat. It is vital in the early stages that your puppy does not eat anything bad. This could affect its development. Avoid bones at an early stage as they could splinter and hurt your puppy.


Most American Bulldogs will live long and happy lives as long as their owner looks after them well. Your vet will be able to advise you when it comes to getting the right vaccinations and how often you should get boosters for these. As with people general good healthcare, exercise and good food will prevent illness.

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